Wednesday, August 31, 2011


  Todd is at work, Noah is napping, and everyone I know is either working or busy!!! So I am gonna have a real life post moment!!!!! I need to talk and get it out!!! And since I am impatient (now I know where Noah gets it from) I have to talk right now! Can't you just see me stomping my foot and saying that like I am a four year old? Sorry :(

 Neways, I went to the OB to follow up on the whole PCOS thing. Apparently the OB didn't think it was necessary, but I thought that the constant pain on my left side was kinda important! Thankfully, I got an awesome u/s from a super sweet u/s tech. Which I found out my uterus isn't completely flipped, just tilted. And that my PCOS was still there, no surprise. And thankfully, there was nothing to be worried about with the pain. They rescheduled another u/s after AF b/c they saw a bit of fluid in the uterus and a thick lining.The follow up u/s showed all was well :D

And my dr. ordered a fasting/glucose test (not sure the technical name). The results from that were that my sugar levels were 60 when fasting and a bit low. So she suggested a better diet, HA!! Like I didn't know that!! My vice in life!!! The hardest thing for me to change about myself. It all started to make sense. How I would get the shakes, headaches, nausea, and fatigue throughout my day. I swear I have dealt with this so long that I had given up on finding out what the heck was going on and just chalked it up to me having the super lazy gene!!! I mean I am always tired!!! Seriously, and I am not frontin'!!!! Now with my newfound information I am full of anxiety b/c yet again I am at a place that deals with what goes in my mouth=FOOD! And when it comes to food I get all stupid!!!! It is seriously my crack!!!! And when I try to change my eating habits I almost go into a panic attack.

I am currently working on a wt watchers diet/eating habit/regimen. And that is hard for me!!!!! Now I know why I bottom out an hour after I eat a whole wheat Nature's Own sandwich round (my version of a bagel) with cream cheese and a banana for bkfast! My guess is that it is not what I am suppose to be eating. I read that I should do a high protein diet, but seriously ppl I need someone to come over and talk to me about my favorite foods and somehow make me a diet plan that is VERY detailed! Remember how I go all stupid when it comes to food, well it is true!!!

I need a nutritionist!!! And since my priorities are in order (NOT) I got an EC planner and now there are no funds for what I really need = an appt. with a nutritionist. I am beyond upset with myself and beyond done with all this food crap!!!!!!!! If anyone can please help me I would really appreciate it!


New Kicks!!!

It was about time we got this boy some shoes (or "kicks" which is what I call them b/c I am so super cool, HA) that are not Crocs, HA! So Todd and I took Noah and found some cute ones for him :)) He does really good wearing them and I think they are helping him not to be so pigeon toed. (is that even how you spell or say that?) Neways....da da da daaaaa

 He still LOVES to get Todd's ties and wear them! It is soo sweet :)))
  Bless his heart, his feet are so chunky that the straps won't completely cover the velcro!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Favorite Photo Tuesday!!!

  And yes I so made up that it is Favorite Photo Tuesday :)
Maybe it will catch on, HA!!
Well here is one of my favs....this week :) 

Monday, August 29, 2011

This is why you baby proof your house!!!!

 This is why you are told to get rid of coffee tables with sharp edges when baby proofing your house!!!!
We were blessed that this was the one and only accident we had with our coffee table, but this was enough for me to tell Todd to get it the heck out of our living room!!!! Noah was playing right beside it and when he fell his poor little nose hit it right on the edge! A blue line appeared immediately on his little nose and he screamed!! I was terrified!! Thankfully Noah is fine!!! I am sooo thankful!! And as for our coffee table! Well it is in another room that Noah does not frequent and will stay there for a LONG time!!!!

  This is our coffee table (excuse the scratches memories and dust on it)! See what I mean, it really is an accident waiting to happen and I am surprised it took us this long to realize it!!! I am more sorry for Noah :(((

And the day after it happened we were sure he would have two black eyes, but he did not :)

Friday, August 26, 2011


But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew19:14

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Healthy Attachment

Attachment!!! Yep, I learned about it alot in school and now I am living it out in real life and it is scary. I am talking about making sure that Noah attaches in a healthy way to me and to Todd. I am not sure about y'all, but my 15 month old has started really wanting to be right with me. He has always wanted to be with me, but this is different. He literally held on the other Sunday when I dropped him off at the nursery. I mean I could have let go and he would have still been hanging onto my side. And even lately with the grandparents he has started to not wanna let my leg go b/c he is afraid I am leaving. I never leave him without telling him goodbye so I am not sure why he thinks that I am just going to leave if he walks away for a minute.

It is scary b/c I of course don't wanna do the wrong thing and mess up my kid, ya know!!!! And from what I have read this behavior at this age is perfectly normal and actually shows that I have a healthy attachment with my babe :))) YAY ME!!!! It is just so dang hard to walk out the nursery door and leave him, even if the teachers assure me that he stops crying a few minutes after I leave. I still feel pretty bad and even feel like I am abandoning my child. I am not sure who it is harder for, me or Noah!!!

Lately there has been alot of milestones and changes with Noah as he grows up :( which is so bittersweet! There has been the wonderful new thing where he bites = NO FUN!!! (that is a whole other post) And I have been afraid to even say this out loud, but he is officially off the bottle!!! We took him down to just his night time bottle a while back and then about two months ago we stopped his night time bottle. I guess I was scared if I said it out loud in the beginning it would all go badly! Thankfully, it has not :)) And I probably need to put up those last two bottles in the cabinet.

Noah just amazes me everyday with learning new things! I love seeing him learn something new or watch how he explores something new. Of course, as mentioned before there has been a few new biting. And alot of really finding out who I am as a parent. I have found that I reallly love to get on Noah's level. Like getting on my knees or putting him in my lap to explain things to him. I have also found out that I cherish those sweet moments where I can tell him why I told him 'no no' and I can tell him how much I love him and end it with a kiss :))) I am amazed at my patience levels somedays and others I wonder if I have any patience at all! I am also starting to really be aware of my own actions b/c I see that there is this amazing little boy watching my every move.

Well I could go on and on, but my behind needs to prep for dinner tomorrow night (beef stew in the crockpot, YUM) and hit the eliptical before bedtime. Especially after tonight! Noah CIO for what it seemed like FOREVER! Thankfully I had a great friend to help me through it :) Thanks again  Sarah!!!
 ....................More on biting soon :)))))

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Linking up with Katie this morning :)
The pictures are out of order but oh well!!  Every morning we take Maggie out to potty. And Noah takes Maggie's leash and takes her outside like a big boy. Of course I am right there with them. He adores Maggie and gets super excited when I say let's take Maggie out. This morning Noah gave me the leash and decided to ck out the weeds now growing in our flower pots. I really do not have a green thumb :(

  Happy Saturday to ALL!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My new BFF and IVF?? Say what.....

 I have been a bad blogger lately. I have had soo many posts in my head but I haven't been able to actually do any of them. I have been super busy with my new BFF :D
image via google

I am addicted to this thing!!!! It is crazy how much I am in love with a phone...I know crazy! Neways that is what has been occupying my time. 

Okay now onto more important things :) I have an appt. with my OB on Thursday. I am going so she can ck out my c-section scar. It has been annoying me lately. It is healing great in some areas and the scar is almost invisible but in other places it is red, raised, and very hard to the touch. I have been sore alot lately and it of course freaks me out!!! What if my scar tissue has grown into some organ?? What if this makes my IF worse?? I mean come one..I have PCOS, a tilted uterus, and now this scar..GRRRR!!!!!

I requested an u/s and the doctor's assistant or whatever called me and told me that an u/s will be pointless. I really feel like they just blow me off. When I went a while back for my ck up the doctor basically told me that I would HAVE to do IVF again to have another child. She hasn't even looked at my file...and I know this b/c the stupid RE never sent it!!!! So how the heck does she know this? Maybe she should start telling fortunes!!!! And the only reason I am going back there is b/c they made the scar! If she blows me off again I am going to another doctor!!! Fo Shizzle!! Yep when I am mad the gangster in me comes out..LOL!!!

And now someone has been asking me/talking to me about having a second child via IVF. It is hard to talk about b/c I cannot imagine putting my body through that again. I know never say never, but seriously it is making me an emotional wreck. All it does is bring up old wounds and this person is someone that I can't exactly tell to stop. Trust me I have tried...doesn't work. So I am in ignore and move on mode!! But it does make me think about having another child. Right now I just think that if God blesses me again then GREAT but I am not gonna be stingy!! Ya know!!! We have Noah and he is my sunshine :) Why mess with perfection, haha!!!

So what do y'all (my fellow IVFers) say to ppl that ask u about doing IVF again or assume you are going to do it?????

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lately in Pics!!

Noah was eating some spaghetti the other day and talking his new language Noahnese to my dad! It is hilarious to hear them "talk". Apparently whatever my dad said was super funny!! And of course I had to capture the moment :D
I am really glad Noah likes to eat alot of different things. Of course he shakes his head no at first but then will try the food after I eat a bite! Love his messy spaghetti face!
I put Noah in the big chair with his puffs and some juice and he looked soo big! I love how Maggie is ready to pounce on any dropped puffs!
And lucky for her...I turned my head..for a second..and this is what I found!!! Whoopsy!!!
This is my FAVORITE! Noah gets Todd's tie and will put it around his neck and walk around with it. He does this all the time and I think it is sooo sweet how he already wants to be like his daddy!

Noah bear you are almost 15 months old and I cannot believe how the time is flying by! Stop growing up soo fast!! Please and Thank You!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ME, ME and ME!

Had to add this pic b/c it is HILARIOUS! Just me being super silly and since this post is all about me..why not laugh at myself :D And let y'all get a few giggles too! HEHE!!

If you are looking for super cute pictures of my super cute Noah you will not find them in this I guess go ahead and jump to read another post. Because this post is all about ME 
and ME 
and of course ME!!

Yep in my head right now I am soo doing the whole guilt thing for even doing a post like this, but I am just going to tell that part of me to SHUT UP!!!!

First c-section scar is wiggin me out!!!! It has started to bug me alot. It has always kinda itched and I had heard that was normal. However, lately it has been burning/itching and kinda driving me batty. Kinda like I wanna get rid of it b/c it is making my skin crawl. Plus there are spots on the scar that are normal and almost invisible and then there are spots that are raised and red and really feel hard to the touch. I am freaked out and googlin it doesn't help. So I am going to make an appt. with the doctor (if I can figure out which doctor to call...ob?derm?famdr?). And I am not sure if this is related or not but I have been crampy too with it.

Second thing....I lost 3 lbs last week :D  
And I am sure over the weekend I gained it back!! I really like doing wt watchers but HATE it when I cannot find a food so I can put it into my tracker. Like when I type in a brand and it is a popular brand and it is not on there....BUGS me!!! I guess I know that I need to do the work but it is hard to figure out what kind of lettuce I am eating....or exactly how many servings my tea pitcher has in it! I know...I am
But oh well!! It's my blog and I can whine if I want to!!! It is just hard to do that on my computer while taking care of my son! I sooo need an I>>>PHONE!!!!! Or really really want one :D 

Third thing...kind related to the second thing! I am really sick of my body!! I am sick of being chunky!! I refuse to say FAT!!! I am sick of going into my closet and having NOTHING to wear b/c it won't fit over my thighs or if it does I all of a sudden have this muffin top hanging over my clothes! I HATE IT!!!! And as much as I hate it I am still addicted to food!!!!!! So basically I am saying that I want my cake and be thin too!!!!! HA!!! Yeah RIGHT!!! I am just frustrated b/c Noah will be 15 mos. old SOON and I am still looking like I did when we brought him home from the hospital :(  

Fourth thing.....BABY #2!!! First of all, my OB (aka DREAM KILLER) told me str8 up that I would more than likely have to do IVF again to have another baby. She didn't wanna do any blood tests or anything. She was really pleasant, HA! I want to have another baby...but there are a few things holding me back! First obviously is  that my body does not work right!!!! Then there is the whole I would like to be healthy and FIT when if I do get pg again. And then there is the I am really just barely making it with ONE the heck will I make it with another one????????? How do you women do it with lots of kids?? I know you never sleep, are super organized, and have super human powers, RIGHT?? And yes there is pressure coming in (not gonna say from who) to already be pg again. And YES it is scaring me b/c of how hard it was the first time!!! Am I even able to go through all of that again? I am not even sure I am over it from the first go round!

Thanks for listening!! Next post will have lots of Noah pics..promise :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

Biting Baby!

Hi my name is Dana and my child is a BITER!! Yep, a biter!!! It is crazy!! When I worked at a daycare I dealt with biting kiddos. I know that they bite b/c they are unable to communicate and they get frustrated. I know that they bite b/c they do not realize that it hurts and I also know that teething doesn't help the matter. BUT I am at a loss as to how to deal with it. So far I have gotten on Noah's level and made him look me in the eyes and I tell him no bite!!! Then I make him kiss the place where he just tried to or succeded at biting. That was working okay....until he tried to bite my face. Then there is the fact that his biting has not lessened but increased. Therefore I am not sure if my strategy is working :(

Todd googled it and found a few ways to handle it. Most we have heard before like bite your child back...NO WAY am I doing this!!!! Or to cry really loud when he bites you to show him that it does hurt. I like that idea. And of course give him a spanking! And I am not all for/against spanking...I really do not care how you discipline your child as long as there is NO abuse. However, I have spanked Noah's hand and hiney and apparently I am not a good spanker b/c it doesn't even register with him. I just cannot do it any harder. I am not able to!! I don't have it in me!!! So call me a bad parent or a pushover, but I just cannot!!! I am hoping that we will find a better way to nip this biting SOON!!!

And it has been hard b/c it HURTS when he bites and one time I had to just walk away! Another day I just cried and felt like the WORST parent ever!! I do think we have some teething issues going on as well so I have given Noah some ibuprofen. I just don't know how to show my almost 15 month old how to deal with frustration. Especially when he is tired and refusing a nap. How do I show him to chilax?? Anyone else going through the biting phase???? Or am I the only one?????

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ridin through the ZOO!

Noah really LOVED the zoo!! Well, the animal safari we drove through. He was super sleepy but couldn't take his eyes off of the animals the entire time! The bus drew the giraffe out so we waited so we could get a look too. Noah was all smiles :D
Happy Weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What Wednesday!

  Linking up once again!! And today I sooo need to just say sooooo what!!!! So here goes :)
  • If I would rather just move into a new house than move our furniture around one more time in my living room (need a change)
  • If I haven't done laundry in a week!!! Okay maybe what!!
  • If I don't have the enormous drive most ppl have at the moment, it will come back one day, i hope!!
  • If I would rather wear pjs than regular clothes! Shouldn't they have passed my everyone wear scrubs law by now???
  • If I consider going through wal-mart all alone pretty heavenly and super awesome treat!!!
  • Or if I get excited about buying a new trashcan :)
  • If I am quiet and don't want to make small talk.
  • If I am writing this post and not doing said laundry, hahaha!!! 
What are you saying so what about?? Link Up and say SO WHAT!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Steel Cut Oats!!

pic via google
  Yep this was bkfast this morning!!! I went out grocery shopping yesterday and bought tons of healthy foods and this was one of them. I went shopping with my SIS and she said that these babies are the best for ya!! Did you know that it takes them 25-30 minutes to cook!!! YEAH I know how I sound saying that, but I am used to popping things into the microwave and being done in a minute. Trust me they are not all that great, but they do have a few things about them that I like!
  1. They have a crunchy texture and I like that b/c I am a nut lover.
  2. They did seem to help me last longer before becoming starved again
  3. B/c they are oh so healthy I could add honey :)
  4. Kourtney Kardashian has said she eats them for bkfast every morning and she is super tiny and fit!!
Okay not such a big list but atleast there are some likes, right?