Friday, July 8, 2011

What has Noah been up to lately??

  "Just a little bit more chocolate Uncle John, PWEEASE!!"
Yep, I would not have been able to resist that cuteness either, haha!!!

What's going on with Noah lately??
He has been....
  • working on sleeping through the night (we are using the CIO method and so far the longest he cried was 30 min the first nite)
  • cutting two more teeth
  • trying new fruits and veggies
  • helping mommy put things in the trash can
  • winking
  • saying bye bye like a pro
  • not taking a bottle during the day (just one b4 bedtime and that is IT)
  • brushing his teeth
  • graduated out of his bath tub chair!!
  • loving swimming and water
  • knowing what the cow says
  • using signs for "more" and "eat" and can even say more..sounds like MO
  • talking up a storm in noahnese :D


Anonymous said...

it looks like Noah is up to lots lately! It always amazes me to see how close kids are to doing the same things.

shauna said...

Look at that curly hair! He is a doll, and getting smart too :)