Monday, July 18, 2011

Too tired to think of a title!

  I hate nights like tonight where my child is crying in the other room and refuses to go to sleep for bedtime. I have rocked him, read to him, given him a bottle, given him some ibuprofen, and even played with him. Nothing worked so I had to resort to the crying it out method and it so does hurt me more than it hurts him. I am HATING hearing him cry, well scream at the moment!!! I mean it makes me sick!!! Why does he resist sleep so much? I really wish I knew! Now I have a feeling that tonight will be a repeat of the other night when he got up every couple of hours!! Pray for us please!!

It only took an hour and a half of
  • fighting to rock Noah
  •  putting him in his crib to CIO (only for him to scream at the top of his lungs) which made me think something else was going on
  • trying ibuprofen
  • even playing with his bunny and bear bear showing him that hey are going night night (we did this several times)
  • reading three books
  • sitting in the rocking chair ready to pull my hair out as noah turns circles in the floor trying to make himself dizzy
  • then wondering what I must look like to Noah b/c he is now pointing a finger at bear bear and it looks like he is telling him he is going in his crib if he doesn't lay down
  • explaining to Noah that Maggie has gone night night only to have her run in and start rolling around on the carpet!
  • Then finally after I begged him and told him that if he didn't let me rock him this time I had no other choice but to put him in his bed and let him cry which made mommy really sad...he walked up to me and got into my arms!! YAY!!!! I felt instant relief...UNTIL...
  • he hicuuped!!!! Yep!!!! and did not stop! He actually fell asleep with them! Poor guy! But atleast he is asleep!
FINALLY!!! Now I am off to eat dinner!!! WHEW!!! And who says mommas don't do work! I just did atleast 20 jobs!!!!

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