Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Strep!

  Now I know why Noah has been fighting going to sleep. He has strep :( Poor lil guy! Thankfully we went to the doctor and caught it early (in my opinion). So now he is on antibiotics and plenty of fluids and seems to be feeling MUCH better. However, he is fighting naps and bedtime even worse now!!! He is so sleepy but REFUSES to sleep. He will protest (scream as loud as he can) in his bed and then if we let him out to play he roams around as if he had just been on an drinking binge! I am just not sure what to do. I feel horrible for letting him scream so much while he is sick and I then again I feel like rest is exactly what he needs. And NO he won't let me rock him either. Right now he is walking around in his crib and not napping. Just earlier while I was drying my hair he was laying on a pillow and dozing off! Then I went to rock him and he kept trying to wiggle out of my arms so the rule is if he won't let me rock him he goes in his crib. I am giving it 10 more minutes and if he hasn't gone to sleep by then I am going to get him up and do lunch.

On a totally different topic I got my amazon order in today :D YAY!!! I ordered Noah a new booster seat for the kitchen and I ordered myself some Redken shampoo. The seat for Noah will do so much better b/c it doesn't have the cracks on the sides where food seems to fall. I have wanted to get a new one for Noah but was waiting on finding one at a consignment shop nearby. After waiting as long as I could (which wasn't long, haha) I just ordered it on amazon. It was the cheapest one and kinda matches our kitchen colors. And as for the shampoo for me, well I have had some super itchy scalp lately. I mean really bad and annoying!! I don't know if it is the heat or what..maybe a combo of alot of things. I ordered the Redken scalp relief shampoo b/c many ppl have recommended it. I am all about recommendations. So I will give it a go and let ya know if it works or not.

I am bummed b/c we are not able to go to church today b/c Noah is sick. I kinda think it would be okay but out of respect I don't want to bring a sick child into the nursery. Noah is still in the room with the iddy bittys so I would NOT want a newborn getting sick at all!!! NO WAY!!! Todd and I started a new sunday school class last sunday and I was psyched about going back, even if I had to go it alone while Todd worked. I changed our plans and have decided to hit up my parent's house instead. Hoping everyone had a great weekend and enjoy a very restful Sunday!!!


Anonymous said...

hope he gets to feeling better soon!

shauna said...

Poor fella! I hope Noah feels better soon. I know what you mean about itchy scalp. I seem to get it every summer! I haven't really found anything to help, so I'm interested in what you think of the shampoo