Friday, July 22, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Marriage Advice

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner today and doing her Show Us Your Life Segment. Today's SURL is about sharing marriage advice! Todd and I have been married for 6 years so I am definately not a pro at marriage. And I know that I will continue to learn things as the years progress! However I have learned a few things that I think make our marriage pretty awesome!!! :)

One thing is to COMMUNICATE!!! And I don't mean just talking. I mean talking and listening. I really believe it is super important to be open and honest about how you feel with each other or how you are thinking. And I cannot help but get on my counseling box and say this....remember when someone is telling you how they feel about something you have to consider one major thing FILTERS!! We all have them and we in turn hear one thing and our spouse can be saying something else. It is all about what certain things mean to you. For example, make sure your spouse knows what showing love means to you before you get all upset about them not showing properly.  I hope that made as much sense on this post as it did in my head, hehe

Another HUGE thing is to laugh!!! Todd and I are goofy with each other alot! If ya can't get super silly with ur spouse and end up talking in weird accents at each other than who can you be silly with??

And last but NOT least is keeping Christ in your marriage!!! God loves us even more than we love our spouses, kiddos, etc combined so it is important that we keep God in the loop. The Bible is a great tool to go to and get advice on any and every topic there is especially marriage.

Well that was my two cents :)
Oh and btw: either I came across Kelly's post early or this is the fewest entries on a SURL post I have ever seen!!!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

May your and husband continue to be blessed with a good life together!

Lori Alexander said...

Great advice! Keeping Christ as the center and laughing a lot is so important. We need to show the world that marriage is a very good thing! They need it desperately. Keep up the good work.

Amiee said...

Each of us has our own "love language" and it is NOT the same for everyone! I try to remember that what means "I love you" to me, doesn't mean the same for Hubs :)