Monday, July 18, 2011

Rear Facing Or Forward Facing???

I am assuming that the new laws to keep a child rear facing in his carseat are still just a suggestion. However, it seems like this is going to be a law in the near future. Because of this I have kept Noah in the rear facing position and did not want to turn him around for safety reasons plus what if they did pass the law and then I had to turn him back to rear facing and he was used to facing front. Neways, now he is getting too big to be rear facing. The buckles are super tight and can only be adjusted to loosen if I face him in the forward position. I guess I am going to have to just switch him, but I wanted to know what your thoughts were on this!! Oh and we have the Britax carseat.


kate said...

After watching a video on the difference between rear-facing and forward-facing crashes with little ones, I will be keeping mine rear-facing for absolutely as long as possible (it was a crash-test dummy video from Sweden, where they keep kids rear-facing up to 4 years old-- I wish I still had the link!). It would be much more convenient to switch them to forward-facing (easier to keep an eye on them, or to find out why they're fussing or whatever), but they are soooo much safer being rear-facing.

Unfortunately, we (like you) have car seats that will not fit in the rear-facing position for much longer, which means we're just going to have to bite the bullet and buy new ones when they outgrow their current ones. I think there's a couple of brands that are recommended for allowing babies to stay rear-facing for longer-- Sunshine Kids (? something like that...) and also, there's an Evenflo model that is infinitely adjustable (straps slide up and down instead of going through slots). Those are the two that I've been researching lately. If you have tall/big babies, it can be really hard to find car seat models that will fit them AND have them stay rear-facing. I'm hoping with the new recommendation, there will be more models coming out soon, so there'll be a few more options.

Amber said...

It's my understanding that they are not law, but rather a suggestion by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I plan on keeping Drake rear facing until at least 2 years, and we'll see beyond that point. Most people actually say to the maximum of the seat. I'm not sure about Britax, but our max (Graco MyRide 65) is 40 pounds rearfacing. I've seen some great articles on this lately. Here's one:

Just my two cents. :-)

Anonymous said...

we had to turn Morgan around at a year because her legs were so long. We heard the suggestion it seemed like around the time we turned her around.