Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On my mind....

  •  I really don't think it could get any hotter here in GA!! It is simply put MISERABLE outside!!!! I went to get groceries and felt like I was gonna have a heat stroke before I could load them in the car!!! It is thundering outside so maybe we will be blessed with some rain and it will help cool us down some. We sure do need it!!! And I just have to vent a bit about our local wally world! It drives me NUTS!! It is never stocked!!! I mean NEVER!!! The baby section always has empty areas and they NEVER seem to have half of my grocery list. I guess I just need to stick to getting my groceries at Ingles and my paper items at Wally World!!! It is really frustrating!!! I am sure if you live in a big city you don't have to deal with this but out here in the "country" we do!!!!

  • We put our dish tv on pause :D Which means we pretty much do not have tv for 6 months. We had the option to cancel it or pause it and being terrified we would regret our decision we decided to pause it instead of cancelling all together. So far I don't regret getting rid of it. I have reached for the remote several times out of habit to just turn the tv on. It is going to take time for me to remember that we don't have it anymore. With today being day 1 on our no tv adventure I would say it has been pretty productive. Some people can motivate themselves to get up and do chores instead of watching WHATEVA comes on tv. Well Todd and I are NOT those type of ppl!! It is funny how when we told our parents we what we were doing they had a fit! And they only grew up with like three channels on the tv.

  • Tonight while I am child free for a bit I am going to work on doing some very necessary cleaning. Our house is big in my opinion...too big for me anyways!! I would love to put a for sale sign in the yard and get a one level house, but the market as it is that would be impossible!!! Neways I digress!!! So everday I keep the main areas neat and tidy but I neglect the areas we never use. Just typing about it makes me tired, HA!!! I am also hoping to do a bit of organizing to make things easier to keep tidy. I love organizing! I am not good at it, but I LOVE it!! I love going down the aisles with all the bins and neat little organization trays!!!! It just makes my heart sing :D I know weirdo!!! I love going into staples and just looking at all the ways you can tidy up your desk! Even today while shopping I went down the aisle with all the neat bins and containers and wanted to buy some oh so badly, but b/c I am bad at organizing I have no idea what size to buy..or what to buy it for!! :(

  • I am excited abou this one. We were asked to teach/keep the 2 year old class at our church. I have been praying for God to open up doors so we could meet and get to know ppl at our church, so He is working on that. Todd and I will meet with the director and get all the information to make sure it is a good fit. I am leaning towards doing it as long as they can find someone to help me on the sundays todd works...every other sunday..boooo!!!

  • I am really hoping to get to do some crafting soon. Not to keep up with anyone but for me! I have really gotten into crafting and making things. And yes sometimes they end up being totally unlevel, but it has become "my thing" and I think we all need something we enjoy that is just ours!!! I am working on the dollar store jewelry holder. I have glued the candle stick holders together and just need to drill holes in the top tray and decide if I am going to paint them or keep them silver..and suggestions??  Then I am going to work on a key holder for the wall.

  • I am sure by now you are thinking..I thought she was taking a break from all things blogger and internet. I just can't I am too addicted!! Plus y'all are like family so I have to keep up with ya!! I am just going to have to remember that I am me and perfectly made by a perfect God!!! Maybe y'all can remind me of that every now and again :D hehe!!! And I am going to limit my time online :D

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Whitney said...

Just wanted to say hi! I am also in GA and am a pharmacist. Noah is adorable!