Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mommy Sick = BOOOO!!!

this is me today!!
sick and childless and even though i am feeling horrible i am kinda bored and missing noah :(
Feeling VERY under the weather today(as u can tell from the pic, had to edit it so it wouldn't scare u all)! I got strep from Noah :( I am telling you if Noah felt like this I feel even more sorry for the little booger!!! I feel HORRIBLE!!! Every muscle aches, my head is making me realize what the term splitting headache means, and I feel guilty!! I know weird combo at the end, but I do!! Todd's parents are watching Noah b/c Todd works back to back shifts til Friday. And I feel guilty for not being able to take care of Noah. Is that normal?? But I know that with the way I am feeling I don't think I could even pick him up without lots of pain!! Please send up a prayer for me to get better soon b/c I miss my noah soo much already :(

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Our Baby "D" said...

Oh no! Feel better Mama. Noah will be back before you know it and I'm sure you'd feel even worse if he were there & you couldn't entertain him. It's so hard to be away from your baby though! :(