Friday, July 29, 2011


Yep I joined wt watchers once again!! I joined a while back but never really participated. I guess that is why I still have the extra poundage :D Neways I am hoping to really stick to it this time and lose some weight. I have some goals in mind and of course I want to be smaller but I really want to be healthy for Noah. And of course I want to be SMALLER!!! And since I have PCOS I am at risk of getting diabetes and possibly even heart problems...which is a good motivator as well. Y'all all know I love food! I mean like really love it. I know I am an emotional eater! Heck I can even eat when I am sick. Case in point...right now my throat is so sore and swollen that it is hard to even swallow, but does that stop me from eathing. NO WAY!! I still eat. And I am still thinking a meal ahead. I am hoping that wt watchers helps me still be able to eat b/c I love eating...but make me be able to really pay attention to how much and what I am shoveling into my mouth!!

And while I am on this health kick I am working on coming off of sodas. Primarily coke zeros. I drink these like they are going out of style. What does that phrase mean anyway? I recently read something about how bad these diet drinks are for you and that most ppl that drink them are overwt. I am not stopping caffeine b/c lets face it, this girl cannot live without sweet tea!!!! But I am going to try to live without the sodas!!

Add all that in with some exercise and I am hoping to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally!!! I say emotionally b/c I have still been battling depression and anxiety. I have spoken about it before on this blog. I have battled it since high school. Becoming a mother has been amazing but it also has me constantly comparing myself to other mommas and I always seem to come up short.

I am planning on taking a before picture and cannot wait to get to the after picture!!!

Oh and if you are new to my blog please introduce urself and say hey!! Or if you have never said hi before please do! I am feeling like I am talking to myself so any love would be great :D Plus I would love to get to know ya :D

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Anonymous said...

Im also planning on jumping on the wagon this week and hope to lose the baby weight. Not sure if you are interested or not but Little Moments like this is doing a bye-bye baby weight
Good luck and we can cheer each other on!