Sunday, July 17, 2011


 While Todd cut the grass Noah and I decided to get out and put our feet in the grass and walk around the house. Noah really really wanted to ride the lawn mower with Todd, but it is just too loud and dusty for him to ride right now. Noah LOVES being outside!! And I enjoy every sweet moment with my Noah bear! I know that the time will come when he won't want to hold my hand so I am eating it up while I can!!!

  As you can tell Todd had not gotten to this part of the grass yet, but it made for some fun for Noah. He enjoyed the taller grass and how it tickled his toes and he could really sink his tootsies in. I just had to take a pic of our feet :D Just look at how little his foot is compared to my foot!! And yes my toenail polish looks like it could glow in the dark, hahaha!!!

Anyone have any suggestions on a stroller? We have the chico one that was with the carseat and it is just too big to go shopping or walking in and plus Noah doesn't like that it leans back so far. He really wants to be able to see EVERYTHING!!! Any suggestions???

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The Sherrill Family said...

Love the new blog look! I've tried to leave comments before (like Noah's birthday) and it didn't work. So will try again.

Popular umbrella strollers here - Uppababy and MacClearen (sp). They are supposed to be a little taller, have the ability to recline a little and are pretty light. My friend has a Jeep umbrella and it's pretty cool. Obviously it's a bunch of what features you want... I use my Urban Mountain Buggy (you can run/jog/walk) and we have tons of cracks in the sidewalks around here (and have to deal with snow) and love it. Other popular walking ones around here - Jeep, BOB, Phil and Ted, Uppababy...

I love how big Noah is getting. He's so precious Dana!