Friday, July 15, 2011

Eyelashes and Spaghetti

I can remember praying WAY before I ever got pg and asking God to give my child (boy or girl) long and thick eyelashes!! I guess having really short and thin eyelashes has gotten to me more so than I thought b/c I can't think of any reason for me to always ask God for that. Well, He gave Noah plenty of eyelashes! That boy has enough to share :D See below!!!!

I made some chicken tetrazzini and decided to see if Noah would like some.....In the picture above he was really thinking hard while picking up a noodle...then he tried it...

and tried some more

And ended up eating a ton and LOVING it!!!

Then he practiced using his spoon :D This is FUN, haha!!!

He is such a true southern gentleman b/c he offered to share with mommy!

This boy loves to eat, the smile says it all! And he gets it honest!!! 

Love those pearly whites!!!!! and messy face!!!!
Today was awesome! The house is clean and I got the laundry and bed linens washed too. I made a ride out of taking the comforter to the laundry room by putting Noah on the blanket and sliding it down the hallway. He really enjoyed the ride. Then we listened to that new song...the lazy song! Noah danced and sang. I think he really likes that song. While waiting on Daddy to get home we went up the stairs and down the stairs, then up and down and so on until I had to take a break :D Sounds a bit like yesterday with the stairs, HA!!! Noah is getting so good at climbing up the stairs and he even decided he didn't want to crawl up them but stand up and use the railing to pull himself up side stepping it! Of course I was right behind him with my hands on him in case he missed a step! That should have worked off some calories, right??

Todd and I were asked to teach the 2 year old class at church on Sunday mornings. We are still deciding if we are the right ppl for the job and two very sweet ladies came by our house today to kinda give us an idea of what we would expect. We both come from really small churches so we have no clue what it is like in a bigger church. I am excited but nervous so we are going to pray about it and let God decide for us!! Hoping he yells at me b/c I am hard of hearing.

After our visit we ate dinner and then played with Noah. He was hilarious b/c he was tired from refusing a second nap and was running around giggling. Todd and I were cracking up. And if he misbehaved and I got onto him he would point his finger at me like he was getting onto me. It was soooo hard not to laugh b/c he was so dang cute and so serious. I will have to watch what I do b/c he sure is picking up on everything!!!

Bath and bedtime came early for Noah and made Todd and I realize that we might miss our TV a little bit! NAH I am loving the peace and quiet, plus we just pulled out an old movie and watched it. Today was such a blessing and I loved every second of it!!! As I looked at pictures of Noah from today I cannot believe the little boy my baby boy has become. He is a toddler now and time is just flying by way too fast. And of course in Dana fashion as I rocked my sweet boy to sleep I had to kiss him on the forehead and thank God again for him. He is such a blessing...a true miracle!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

you will have to share this wonderful recipe that sounds delicious! I cant believe how fast our little ones are growing up-way too fast!