Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back Breaking Work

I know that it is bad to complain...about anything...but sometimes can't we do a little bit of complaining?? And I feel horrible to even type this! But our house is TOO big!!! Yep I said it!! I cleaned it today and I am not sure my back will be the same. I dusted, swept, mopped, vac, wiped, scrubbed, windexed, and put up!!! I am exhausted!!!!!!! I ran things up the stairs and then down the stairs..only to find more things to run up then down and so on!!!! Thankfully I had the house to myself b/c Todd's parents are watching Noah bear. It is weird b/c I still kept hearing him like he was on the video monitor chatting. Neways I want a smaller house and I am sure if I get one I will complain about it.

I did find out that I am going to have to change up some of our spaces in our home. There is just too much waisted space, so some revamping is in order. Maybe once we get more organized and have space we actually use I will enjoy our house more. Plus Todd is thinking about adding a laundry shoot upstairs for me and I am sooo on board. I HATE carrying laundry down the stairs b/c I am clumsy and am afraid I am going to fall. And lets be honest y'all know I wait til the laundry basket is bursting at the seams b4 doing laundry..haha Atleast with a laundry shoot I will only have to carry folded laundry upstairs and I can take that a few at a time.

Well for now, the house is CLEAN :D I can't wait to go get Noah! I miss him to pieces!!!

Tomorrow I am onto laundry and re-organizing the master bathroom drawers and my kitchen pantry!! Oh and I re-organized my kitchen drawers and purged alot of items I never use and I am sooo psyched :D GO ME!!! It was hilarious b/c in order for me to organize I have to pull everything out of the cabinets and put it all on the floor and open up all the cabinets to see what kind of room I have. My friend came over and had a fit at all my things on the floor. She quickly started getting me to pick places for everything.

Lastly, if anyone has any suggestions for places to get kids bathroom decor let me know. I have cked out wally world and target and can't really find anything I like. Noah's bathroom has baby blue walls so I have to stick to a theme that goes with that color.

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Amber said...

You go! I love the feeling of cleaning and purging. Our house is pretty good size, too - before Drake we had three bedrooms that the door was hardly ever opened. It is nice to have the extra space when guests are here, but I don't like cleaning it either.

A laundry shoot sounds like a great idea!! We have our laundry on the 2nd floor, and I love it!

Sorry I don't have any suggestions on the bathroom. Our main bath is very boring -beige walls and a dragonfly shower curtain from when I was in college. lol!