Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene!!!

Here is our Saturday morning!! Full of silliness and fun!!
Noah showing us where his nose is!
And trying to show us where his teeth were too :D SMART BOY!

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Friday, July 29, 2011


Yep I joined wt watchers once again!! I joined a while back but never really participated. I guess that is why I still have the extra poundage :D Neways I am hoping to really stick to it this time and lose some weight. I have some goals in mind and of course I want to be smaller but I really want to be healthy for Noah. And of course I want to be SMALLER!!! And since I have PCOS I am at risk of getting diabetes and possibly even heart problems...which is a good motivator as well. Y'all all know I love food! I mean like really love it. I know I am an emotional eater! Heck I can even eat when I am sick. Case in point...right now my throat is so sore and swollen that it is hard to even swallow, but does that stop me from eathing. NO WAY!! I still eat. And I am still thinking a meal ahead. I am hoping that wt watchers helps me still be able to eat b/c I love eating...but make me be able to really pay attention to how much and what I am shoveling into my mouth!!

And while I am on this health kick I am working on coming off of sodas. Primarily coke zeros. I drink these like they are going out of style. What does that phrase mean anyway? I recently read something about how bad these diet drinks are for you and that most ppl that drink them are overwt. I am not stopping caffeine b/c lets face it, this girl cannot live without sweet tea!!!! But I am going to try to live without the sodas!!

Add all that in with some exercise and I am hoping to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally!!! I say emotionally b/c I have still been battling depression and anxiety. I have spoken about it before on this blog. I have battled it since high school. Becoming a mother has been amazing but it also has me constantly comparing myself to other mommas and I always seem to come up short.

I am planning on taking a before picture and cannot wait to get to the after picture!!!

Oh and if you are new to my blog please introduce urself and say hey!! Or if you have never said hi before please do! I am feeling like I am talking to myself so any love would be great :D Plus I would love to get to know ya :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not Home Sweet Home :(

 Apparently my child didn't miss me as much as I missed him!! He would not go down tonight after his bottle so I had to put him in his crib to cry it out. Trust me ppl I tried everything from reading stories to singing old mcdonald!! Nothing worked and I was super exhausted so I had to do the CIO thing. Now he is screaming it out. And I am feeling horrible. Maybe I should have let him spend the night with his grandparents one more night b/c he is not loving being home. Makes me soo sad :(  I feel so bad right now!!!!! Why does he do so good at his grandparent's house and then do so badly at home??? It makes me feel like I am not doing a good job as a momma. So very sad tonight and hoping my little monkey will go to sleep soon!!

Photo Favs!

Since I am sick and cannot seem to do much I decided to look through my photos. Mostly just to awe at my super cute boy Noah and see him since I miss him dearly :D  Here are a few of my FAVS from one album!

Noah playing wit my ring while he drank his bottle at bedtime!

How handsome!!!! 

OH this is a super FAV!! I wanted to do the grainy/gritty edit in picnik but couldn't upgrade so I just did it in black and white! I am sooo gonna do the gritty/grainy one day and get this printed on canvas :D

He cracks me up!! One day he just decided to get in this racetrack and have a ball!!!! 

My boy LOVES the water!!! This is from our vacay in PC Beach. This reminds me I so need to find someone in this smallville town that does swimming lessons for 14 mos. olds!!! 

 He is just sooooo adorable!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :D They sure did make me feel a little bit better! Can't wait to get my hands on my squishy boy!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Strep!!!!!!

Dear Strepadococous (or whatever fancy name the super smart doctor name you was),

You are a horrible guest!! First you show up unnanounced and decide to bring all of your baggage and leave it in my throat so now I can hardly swallow. Then you run into my head and play baseball breaking everything, which led to a pounding headache. And to cover up the evidence you put my head on fire and caused a low grade fever and chills. Then, as if that wasn't enough, you decided to go to every muscle I have and beat them over and over again until they were aching and red!!! I called the doctor on you and she is sending out some antibiotics to hunt you down and take your bootey to jail!!! You are never welcome here again!!!

P.S. I am gonna get the word out about you so you cannot do this to anyone else!!!


Mommy Sick = BOOOO!!!

this is me today!!
sick and childless and even though i am feeling horrible i am kinda bored and missing noah :(
Feeling VERY under the weather today(as u can tell from the pic, had to edit it so it wouldn't scare u all)! I got strep from Noah :( I am telling you if Noah felt like this I feel even more sorry for the little booger!!! I feel HORRIBLE!!! Every muscle aches, my head is making me realize what the term splitting headache means, and I feel guilty!! I know weird combo at the end, but I do!! Todd's parents are watching Noah b/c Todd works back to back shifts til Friday. And I feel guilty for not being able to take care of Noah. Is that normal?? But I know that with the way I am feeling I don't think I could even pick him up without lots of pain!! Please send up a prayer for me to get better soon b/c I miss my noah soo much already :(

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Strep!

  Now I know why Noah has been fighting going to sleep. He has strep :( Poor lil guy! Thankfully we went to the doctor and caught it early (in my opinion). So now he is on antibiotics and plenty of fluids and seems to be feeling MUCH better. However, he is fighting naps and bedtime even worse now!!! He is so sleepy but REFUSES to sleep. He will protest (scream as loud as he can) in his bed and then if we let him out to play he roams around as if he had just been on an drinking binge! I am just not sure what to do. I feel horrible for letting him scream so much while he is sick and I then again I feel like rest is exactly what he needs. And NO he won't let me rock him either. Right now he is walking around in his crib and not napping. Just earlier while I was drying my hair he was laying on a pillow and dozing off! Then I went to rock him and he kept trying to wiggle out of my arms so the rule is if he won't let me rock him he goes in his crib. I am giving it 10 more minutes and if he hasn't gone to sleep by then I am going to get him up and do lunch.

On a totally different topic I got my amazon order in today :D YAY!!! I ordered Noah a new booster seat for the kitchen and I ordered myself some Redken shampoo. The seat for Noah will do so much better b/c it doesn't have the cracks on the sides where food seems to fall. I have wanted to get a new one for Noah but was waiting on finding one at a consignment shop nearby. After waiting as long as I could (which wasn't long, haha) I just ordered it on amazon. It was the cheapest one and kinda matches our kitchen colors. And as for the shampoo for me, well I have had some super itchy scalp lately. I mean really bad and annoying!! I don't know if it is the heat or what..maybe a combo of alot of things. I ordered the Redken scalp relief shampoo b/c many ppl have recommended it. I am all about recommendations. So I will give it a go and let ya know if it works or not.

I am bummed b/c we are not able to go to church today b/c Noah is sick. I kinda think it would be okay but out of respect I don't want to bring a sick child into the nursery. Noah is still in the room with the iddy bittys so I would NOT want a newborn getting sick at all!!! NO WAY!!! Todd and I started a new sunday school class last sunday and I was psyched about going back, even if I had to go it alone while Todd worked. I changed our plans and have decided to hit up my parent's house instead. Hoping everyone had a great weekend and enjoy a very restful Sunday!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Belated Father's Day Post!

I must have forgotten to add these pictures from Father's Day 2011! We were on our way to Panama City Beach on Father's Day. I got Noah an I Love Dad shirt to wear on Father's day and surprised Todd with it. He really thought it was cute!! We stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel and decided the woods were a perfect spot to take some shots!

My handsome boys!!! 

 So sweet!!! Noah adores his Daddy!!!

  Too cute!! Disregard all the wrinkles! It was ironed and neat before we drove several hours. Riding in a carseat for that long really does a number on Noah's clothes! It is as if I never ironed them :( But it is still super cute :D Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! Sorry I forgot to do a picture post on this, but it was in with our vacation pictures and as you know I am behind on posting them as well! Hopefully soon I will get them up :D and can share!!

Show Us Your Life: Marriage Advice

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner today and doing her Show Us Your Life Segment. Today's SURL is about sharing marriage advice! Todd and I have been married for 6 years so I am definately not a pro at marriage. And I know that I will continue to learn things as the years progress! However I have learned a few things that I think make our marriage pretty awesome!!! :)

One thing is to COMMUNICATE!!! And I don't mean just talking. I mean talking and listening. I really believe it is super important to be open and honest about how you feel with each other or how you are thinking. And I cannot help but get on my counseling box and say this....remember when someone is telling you how they feel about something you have to consider one major thing FILTERS!! We all have them and we in turn hear one thing and our spouse can be saying something else. It is all about what certain things mean to you. For example, make sure your spouse knows what showing love means to you before you get all upset about them not showing properly.  I hope that made as much sense on this post as it did in my head, hehe

Another HUGE thing is to laugh!!! Todd and I are goofy with each other alot! If ya can't get super silly with ur spouse and end up talking in weird accents at each other than who can you be silly with??

And last but NOT least is keeping Christ in your marriage!!! God loves us even more than we love our spouses, kiddos, etc combined so it is important that we keep God in the loop. The Bible is a great tool to go to and get advice on any and every topic there is especially marriage.

Well that was my two cents :)
Oh and btw: either I came across Kelly's post early or this is the fewest entries on a SURL post I have ever seen!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Underwater Adventure!

note: we are in no way saying this is how you properly dunk your baby into the water!!

Just chillaxin'

Nothing like a day of relaxing by eating brownies and chatting on the phone with Da Da :D
Happy Thursday!
I cannot believe how big my baby boy is looking in these photos!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Too tired to think of a title!

  I hate nights like tonight where my child is crying in the other room and refuses to go to sleep for bedtime. I have rocked him, read to him, given him a bottle, given him some ibuprofen, and even played with him. Nothing worked so I had to resort to the crying it out method and it so does hurt me more than it hurts him. I am HATING hearing him cry, well scream at the moment!!! I mean it makes me sick!!! Why does he resist sleep so much? I really wish I knew! Now I have a feeling that tonight will be a repeat of the other night when he got up every couple of hours!! Pray for us please!!

It only took an hour and a half of
  • fighting to rock Noah
  •  putting him in his crib to CIO (only for him to scream at the top of his lungs) which made me think something else was going on
  • trying ibuprofen
  • even playing with his bunny and bear bear showing him that hey are going night night (we did this several times)
  • reading three books
  • sitting in the rocking chair ready to pull my hair out as noah turns circles in the floor trying to make himself dizzy
  • then wondering what I must look like to Noah b/c he is now pointing a finger at bear bear and it looks like he is telling him he is going in his crib if he doesn't lay down
  • explaining to Noah that Maggie has gone night night only to have her run in and start rolling around on the carpet!
  • Then finally after I begged him and told him that if he didn't let me rock him this time I had no other choice but to put him in his bed and let him cry which made mommy really sad...he walked up to me and got into my arms!! YAY!!!! I felt instant relief...UNTIL...
  • he hicuuped!!!! Yep!!!! and did not stop! He actually fell asleep with them! Poor guy! But atleast he is asleep!
FINALLY!!! Now I am off to eat dinner!!! WHEW!!! And who says mommas don't do work! I just did atleast 20 jobs!!!!

Rear Facing Or Forward Facing???

I am assuming that the new laws to keep a child rear facing in his carseat are still just a suggestion. However, it seems like this is going to be a law in the near future. Because of this I have kept Noah in the rear facing position and did not want to turn him around for safety reasons plus what if they did pass the law and then I had to turn him back to rear facing and he was used to facing front. Neways, now he is getting too big to be rear facing. The buckles are super tight and can only be adjusted to loosen if I face him in the forward position. I guess I am going to have to just switch him, but I wanted to know what your thoughts were on this!! Oh and we have the Britax carseat.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 While Todd cut the grass Noah and I decided to get out and put our feet in the grass and walk around the house. Noah really really wanted to ride the lawn mower with Todd, but it is just too loud and dusty for him to ride right now. Noah LOVES being outside!! And I enjoy every sweet moment with my Noah bear! I know that the time will come when he won't want to hold my hand so I am eating it up while I can!!!

  As you can tell Todd had not gotten to this part of the grass yet, but it made for some fun for Noah. He enjoyed the taller grass and how it tickled his toes and he could really sink his tootsies in. I just had to take a pic of our feet :D Just look at how little his foot is compared to my foot!! And yes my toenail polish looks like it could glow in the dark, hahaha!!!

Anyone have any suggestions on a stroller? We have the chico one that was with the carseat and it is just too big to go shopping or walking in and plus Noah doesn't like that it leans back so far. He really wants to be able to see EVERYTHING!!! Any suggestions???

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Painting Crosses for Christ!!!

We painted crosses today for The Cross Ministry! Please go and check out their WEBSITE or FB PAGE to learn more about this amazing witness for Christ.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Eyelashes and Spaghetti

I can remember praying WAY before I ever got pg and asking God to give my child (boy or girl) long and thick eyelashes!! I guess having really short and thin eyelashes has gotten to me more so than I thought b/c I can't think of any reason for me to always ask God for that. Well, He gave Noah plenty of eyelashes! That boy has enough to share :D See below!!!!

I made some chicken tetrazzini and decided to see if Noah would like some.....In the picture above he was really thinking hard while picking up a noodle...then he tried it...

and tried some more

And ended up eating a ton and LOVING it!!!

Then he practiced using his spoon :D This is FUN, haha!!!

He is such a true southern gentleman b/c he offered to share with mommy!

This boy loves to eat, the smile says it all! And he gets it honest!!! 

Love those pearly whites!!!!! and messy face!!!!
Today was awesome! The house is clean and I got the laundry and bed linens washed too. I made a ride out of taking the comforter to the laundry room by putting Noah on the blanket and sliding it down the hallway. He really enjoyed the ride. Then we listened to that new song...the lazy song! Noah danced and sang. I think he really likes that song. While waiting on Daddy to get home we went up the stairs and down the stairs, then up and down and so on until I had to take a break :D Sounds a bit like yesterday with the stairs, HA!!! Noah is getting so good at climbing up the stairs and he even decided he didn't want to crawl up them but stand up and use the railing to pull himself up side stepping it! Of course I was right behind him with my hands on him in case he missed a step! That should have worked off some calories, right??

Todd and I were asked to teach the 2 year old class at church on Sunday mornings. We are still deciding if we are the right ppl for the job and two very sweet ladies came by our house today to kinda give us an idea of what we would expect. We both come from really small churches so we have no clue what it is like in a bigger church. I am excited but nervous so we are going to pray about it and let God decide for us!! Hoping he yells at me b/c I am hard of hearing.

After our visit we ate dinner and then played with Noah. He was hilarious b/c he was tired from refusing a second nap and was running around giggling. Todd and I were cracking up. And if he misbehaved and I got onto him he would point his finger at me like he was getting onto me. It was soooo hard not to laugh b/c he was so dang cute and so serious. I will have to watch what I do b/c he sure is picking up on everything!!!

Bath and bedtime came early for Noah and made Todd and I realize that we might miss our TV a little bit! NAH I am loving the peace and quiet, plus we just pulled out an old movie and watched it. Today was such a blessing and I loved every second of it!!! As I looked at pictures of Noah from today I cannot believe the little boy my baby boy has become. He is a toddler now and time is just flying by way too fast. And of course in Dana fashion as I rocked my sweet boy to sleep I had to kiss him on the forehead and thank God again for him. He is such a blessing...a true miracle!!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back Breaking Work

I know that it is bad to complain...about anything...but sometimes can't we do a little bit of complaining?? And I feel horrible to even type this! But our house is TOO big!!! Yep I said it!! I cleaned it today and I am not sure my back will be the same. I dusted, swept, mopped, vac, wiped, scrubbed, windexed, and put up!!! I am exhausted!!!!!!! I ran things up the stairs and then down the stairs..only to find more things to run up then down and so on!!!! Thankfully I had the house to myself b/c Todd's parents are watching Noah bear. It is weird b/c I still kept hearing him like he was on the video monitor chatting. Neways I want a smaller house and I am sure if I get one I will complain about it.

I did find out that I am going to have to change up some of our spaces in our home. There is just too much waisted space, so some revamping is in order. Maybe once we get more organized and have space we actually use I will enjoy our house more. Plus Todd is thinking about adding a laundry shoot upstairs for me and I am sooo on board. I HATE carrying laundry down the stairs b/c I am clumsy and am afraid I am going to fall. And lets be honest y'all know I wait til the laundry basket is bursting at the seams b4 doing laundry..haha Atleast with a laundry shoot I will only have to carry folded laundry upstairs and I can take that a few at a time.

Well for now, the house is CLEAN :D I can't wait to go get Noah! I miss him to pieces!!!

Tomorrow I am onto laundry and re-organizing the master bathroom drawers and my kitchen pantry!! Oh and I re-organized my kitchen drawers and purged alot of items I never use and I am sooo psyched :D GO ME!!! It was hilarious b/c in order for me to organize I have to pull everything out of the cabinets and put it all on the floor and open up all the cabinets to see what kind of room I have. My friend came over and had a fit at all my things on the floor. She quickly started getting me to pick places for everything.

Lastly, if anyone has any suggestions for places to get kids bathroom decor let me know. I have cked out wally world and target and can't really find anything I like. Noah's bathroom has baby blue walls so I have to stick to a theme that goes with that color.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On my mind....

  •  I really don't think it could get any hotter here in GA!! It is simply put MISERABLE outside!!!! I went to get groceries and felt like I was gonna have a heat stroke before I could load them in the car!!! It is thundering outside so maybe we will be blessed with some rain and it will help cool us down some. We sure do need it!!! And I just have to vent a bit about our local wally world! It drives me NUTS!! It is never stocked!!! I mean NEVER!!! The baby section always has empty areas and they NEVER seem to have half of my grocery list. I guess I just need to stick to getting my groceries at Ingles and my paper items at Wally World!!! It is really frustrating!!! I am sure if you live in a big city you don't have to deal with this but out here in the "country" we do!!!!

  • We put our dish tv on pause :D Which means we pretty much do not have tv for 6 months. We had the option to cancel it or pause it and being terrified we would regret our decision we decided to pause it instead of cancelling all together. So far I don't regret getting rid of it. I have reached for the remote several times out of habit to just turn the tv on. It is going to take time for me to remember that we don't have it anymore. With today being day 1 on our no tv adventure I would say it has been pretty productive. Some people can motivate themselves to get up and do chores instead of watching WHATEVA comes on tv. Well Todd and I are NOT those type of ppl!! It is funny how when we told our parents we what we were doing they had a fit! And they only grew up with like three channels on the tv.

  • Tonight while I am child free for a bit I am going to work on doing some very necessary cleaning. Our house is big in my opinion...too big for me anyways!! I would love to put a for sale sign in the yard and get a one level house, but the market as it is that would be impossible!!! Neways I digress!!! So everday I keep the main areas neat and tidy but I neglect the areas we never use. Just typing about it makes me tired, HA!!! I am also hoping to do a bit of organizing to make things easier to keep tidy. I love organizing! I am not good at it, but I LOVE it!! I love going down the aisles with all the bins and neat little organization trays!!!! It just makes my heart sing :D I know weirdo!!! I love going into staples and just looking at all the ways you can tidy up your desk! Even today while shopping I went down the aisle with all the neat bins and containers and wanted to buy some oh so badly, but b/c I am bad at organizing I have no idea what size to buy..or what to buy it for!! :(

  • I am excited abou this one. We were asked to teach/keep the 2 year old class at our church. I have been praying for God to open up doors so we could meet and get to know ppl at our church, so He is working on that. Todd and I will meet with the director and get all the information to make sure it is a good fit. I am leaning towards doing it as long as they can find someone to help me on the sundays todd works...every other sunday..boooo!!!

  • I am really hoping to get to do some crafting soon. Not to keep up with anyone but for me! I have really gotten into crafting and making things. And yes sometimes they end up being totally unlevel, but it has become "my thing" and I think we all need something we enjoy that is just ours!!! I am working on the dollar store jewelry holder. I have glued the candle stick holders together and just need to drill holes in the top tray and decide if I am going to paint them or keep them silver..and suggestions??  Then I am going to work on a key holder for the wall.

  • I am sure by now you are thinking..I thought she was taking a break from all things blogger and internet. I just can't I am too addicted!! Plus y'all are like family so I have to keep up with ya!! I am just going to have to remember that I am me and perfectly made by a perfect God!!! Maybe y'all can remind me of that every now and again :D hehe!!! And I am going to limit my time online :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time for a change!!!

  I have always compared myself to others. I am sure everyone does this at some point. Well me, I guess I can be a pro at it!! Especially since I have become a momma. I want to make sure I am doing everything "right" and being the best. So I end up reading other blogs and feeling bad that I don't have a spotless house, or that I am not constantly out and about with Noah, or that I don't have tons of friends that I get to have girl's nights with every other wkend. Don't get me wrong I don't in any way think it is bad to have any of those, in fact I really do wish I had all of that!!! But I have come to realize (from the wiseness of an amazing friend) that I have to be happy being ME! When I do compare myself I often wonder what is wrong with me and think why can't I just get it together! Then I start this horrible cycle of putting myself down and feeling worse and worse. Then you add that in with someone (me) that is very spiritually malnourished and you have a bad combo!!

I started this blog by being just me! I never worried about what I wrote or what pics I posted. I never held back. I need to be that person once again. Why not start here!! I am sure there are others just like me out there feeling the same way!

We live in such a technical world! Texting, internet, tv, twitter, blogger, fb, pinterest, etc!!! I need more human contact and not so much computer contact, ya know?? I am thinking of taking a break from reading other blogs for a little while. And just focusing on living my life and writing whatever I feel like writing about!

So if you are like me and are feeling the walls closing in on u as a new what I am doing and start slow. I am picking up my Bible and doing some reading...getting my hiney up and going to church..and getting out of the house more! Oh and we are going a bit far and cutting off our Dish and limiting internet. I need this right now. I need to block out all the noise so I can hear God again and not my stupid thoughts telling me how I am not good enough!! Hopefully then I will find balance!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

What has Noah been up to lately??

  "Just a little bit more chocolate Uncle John, PWEEASE!!"
Yep, I would not have been able to resist that cuteness either, haha!!!

What's going on with Noah lately??
He has been....
  • working on sleeping through the night (we are using the CIO method and so far the longest he cried was 30 min the first nite)
  • cutting two more teeth
  • trying new fruits and veggies
  • helping mommy put things in the trash can
  • winking
  • saying bye bye like a pro
  • not taking a bottle during the day (just one b4 bedtime and that is IT)
  • brushing his teeth
  • graduated out of his bath tub chair!!
  • loving swimming and water
  • knowing what the cow says
  • using signs for "more" and "eat" and can even say more..sounds like MO
  • talking up a storm in noahnese :D

  I am soo inspired!!!! I joined PINTEREST and me and my non-crafty self has been dying to get to crafting up something!! Here are just a few of my inspirations!!!

Source: None via Dana on Pinterest

I am losing lots of sleep over this new site :D well new to me!!! If you would like to lose sleep too just contact me  (email in nav bar link) and I will send ya an invite :D