Friday, June 10, 2011

Noah's bday in to come

I have been working on uploading pics to picasa web albums, but it is taking FOREVER!! UGG!!! I am going to have to get my computer cked out b/c it is really slow lately and that is frustrating!! Neways I can do a word recap of Noah's first bday and then hopefully I can put the pics up soon.

The day was AWESOME!! Todd and I were nervous b/c we are shy and were worried about being good hosts. Everything just came together perfectly. Noah took his nap right before the party so he was refreshed!! Then the cake arrived and it was super cute. It is crazy how you think you have it all done and then ppl start showing up and you realize you have a million things to do. So our family helped us get a few last minute things done. We had pizza for everyone and lots of drinks. It was one HOT day. We rented a jump house so most of the time everyone was outside. However, there was alot of coming in to cool of too b/c it was soooo hot.

After we ate and the kids played we did Noah's cake. He did not cry when everyone sang happy bday so that was a success. He was a bit apprehensive about his cake at first and Todd tried to put his hand in it and he was like NO WAY dad :D Then he decided he was interested in it and started going to town!!! We cleaned him up, ate some YUMMY cake, and then we opened presents. I cracked up when I opened the gift from my parents to Noah. They had wrapped up a roll of toilet paper in with their gift. Noah's favorite thing at the moment is tp. After he saw that he just sat there and played with the toilet paper! It was hilarious :D

It was time for Noah to eat dinner so I fed him and we hung out with family and friends til everyone left. Todd and I both crashed after everyone was gone and I think Noah was tuckered out too. We both felt like the party was a success and were so full of love we could have just exploded! We both chatted about the past year and how blessed we were to have Noah.

All in all, it was a great day of celebrating Noah's first year of life!! We were surrounded by family and friends and life couldn't have gotten any better!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Hoping to add pics soon :D Sorry it is taking so long!

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