Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Girly! First product review!

I have really been trying to bring out my inner girly self!! I feel like I have neglected the girly side of me for a while lately!! Plus it is super fun to be girly!!!

I started out by really taking care of my skin and I know this will sound crazy, but I actually started doing something that most everyone probably does on a daily basis. I actually took the time to put lotion on..and I mean everywhere. I used a certain lotion for my face and neck, another lotion for my legs, a RX cream and lotion for my arms (to help with my keratosis), and a foot lotion to help with my dry feet :D I am very lotioned up after I get done!!! I can already tell a difference in my skin and I am psyched.

Next I decided that it was time to get a few new accessories!! You know cute necklaces, a bracelet, and a few new earrings!! Then came some shoes! Then some new clothes. Which I don't feel guilty about buying b/c lets face it I am not fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes so I honestly had no shorts or shirts that would fit. After all that I felt like a new woman :D And I shopped at the outlet mall so I saved some cash too!!!

There are a few products I am testing out and I am hoping to do a review on them soon. I always like to hear about a product from someone else before buying it and waisting my time, so I am going to share somethings I am learnign with y'all! One new thing I bought was this:
I got the blue one (I don't think mine is coconut but just regular smell though) and LOVE it!!! I am very picky about shaving gels and honestly don't like the gels but prefer the creams. This one works so good b/c I haven't cut myself or had any razor burn like in the past. And I have always had trouble with getting cuts and razor burn before with other gels and creams. I also have sensitive skin and the pure silk has not irritated it at all.  I had been using Todd's shaving cream, but hated smelling so manly afterwards :D That is another reason I like the pure silk b/c it doesn't really smell, which is a plus for me. Also it has a rust proof bottom so your shower or bath tub won't get that awful rust ring that you have to scrub for days to get out. :D Definately a PLUS!!! I give this product an A+ and this will now be my go to shaving cream from now on :D

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