Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bye Bye Ba Ba!

I NEVER would have imagined that the hardest thing for me about being a parent is feeding my child!!! I mean I am a pro at eating! I LOVE eating!! And yet my son is still coming around to actual food. We had a couple of weeks where he did great on the baby food some stage 2 some stage 3. Then we started adding other foods (we already had been giving him bananas, his FAV) I gave him some peas, NO go, some mashed potatoes, NO go, some iddy bitty pcs of turkey, NO go and on and on. I finally tired tomatoes and watermelon and we had a YES!!! He LOVES this stuff, however I kinda went overboard and I think it tore his tummy up. I was really dumb and feel horrible but I guess I was so excited that he actually enjoyed eating something that I was just not thinking.

So then we had the 1 year dr. appt. and I talked to my doctor about the bottle. He just said to start taking away one bottle at a time. His advice was to do this and Noah would end up eating more "real" food and then would start decreasing the amount of the bottle on his own. We started this about a week ago and surprisingly he did good. We skipped our morning ba ba and I would just get up with him, change his diaper, have some playtime, then feed him bkfast. If he got up around 6:30 I would start rocking him for a nap around 8:30, with NO bottle. He fussed some but Todd showed me this  new way of calming him down where you walk him around the room and bounce a lot and when he puts his head on your shoulder you can rock him out to nappy town!! It works great!! He has done awesome.

When he got up we would either play or do lunch depending on the time he got up. Sometimes he would do a snack or drink some milk from his sippy cup. Then around the 2nd nap we would do a bottle. Then dinner, etc....Then at night we would do a bottle for bedtime.

This is where it got crazy!!! I guess he was either missing his bottle, having some tummy issues from all the maters and melon, or having nightmares. Because he got up several times and didn't cry, he screamed!!!! This went on for a few days and Todd and I were EXHAUSTED!!! And confused, and scared, and wondering what the heck we needed to do. Noah has been a pretty good sleeper. We decided to ask Todd's mom to keep Noah so we could get some rest and do some shopping. He did good at her house and last night he only got up once!! YAY!! And he just cried and didn't do that horrible scream. So far today he has only taken one bottle before his second nap and he has been a happy camper. He loves his milk and water from his sippy cup and I think he really likes it when I put ice in the water so he can shake it and make noise!!! We will see how things go from here. I am a bit too scared to take the second bottle away considering it is kinda the only one he has during the day. I may wait a few weeks. There is no rush!! And honestly I am not ready to deal with no sleep at night just yet :D


Patterson Family said...

It's a crazy transition for some, but it sounds like it is going well. Do it when you think he's ready. I'm sure he won't be carrying it around when he is two so you are fine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! We started transitioning Morgan but put her formula in a sippy cup for about a week then did half formula/half whole milk. She's now down to one bottle at night.

Hope things get better & he continues to sleep!

shauna said...

Jakob never would take a bottle so thankfully I didn't have to try to wean him off of one, so I can't offer you any help there. Even now though he still goes through fazes where he doesn't want to eat much variety. Just keep offering the food to Noah because one day he will realize it's really yummy and then he'll be all about big boy food. I hope he starts sleeping better, for your sake and his :)