Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Girly! First product review!

I have really been trying to bring out my inner girly self!! I feel like I have neglected the girly side of me for a while lately!! Plus it is super fun to be girly!!!

I started out by really taking care of my skin and I know this will sound crazy, but I actually started doing something that most everyone probably does on a daily basis. I actually took the time to put lotion on..and I mean everywhere. I used a certain lotion for my face and neck, another lotion for my legs, a RX cream and lotion for my arms (to help with my keratosis), and a foot lotion to help with my dry feet :D I am very lotioned up after I get done!!! I can already tell a difference in my skin and I am psyched.

Next I decided that it was time to get a few new accessories!! You know cute necklaces, a bracelet, and a few new earrings!! Then came some shoes! Then some new clothes. Which I don't feel guilty about buying b/c lets face it I am not fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes so I honestly had no shorts or shirts that would fit. After all that I felt like a new woman :D And I shopped at the outlet mall so I saved some cash too!!!

There are a few products I am testing out and I am hoping to do a review on them soon. I always like to hear about a product from someone else before buying it and waisting my time, so I am going to share somethings I am learnign with y'all! One new thing I bought was this:
I got the blue one (I don't think mine is coconut but just regular smell though) and LOVE it!!! I am very picky about shaving gels and honestly don't like the gels but prefer the creams. This one works so good b/c I haven't cut myself or had any razor burn like in the past. And I have always had trouble with getting cuts and razor burn before with other gels and creams. I also have sensitive skin and the pure silk has not irritated it at all.  I had been using Todd's shaving cream, but hated smelling so manly afterwards :D That is another reason I like the pure silk b/c it doesn't really smell, which is a plus for me. Also it has a rust proof bottom so your shower or bath tub won't get that awful rust ring that you have to scrub for days to get out. :D Definately a PLUS!!! I give this product an A+ and this will now be my go to shaving cream from now on :D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beach Bums!

We went to the beach and had a blast! It was alot of work with a little one, but worth all the sweat and sand in weird places, HA!! We got a photographer at our hotel to take a few pics this year instead of trying to beg a stranger to do several shots of the family. The pics turned out GREAT!!! Here are my two favorites!!!

I just adore how much they love each other!!!!

And I love the joy on my babes face!! He loves for his daddy to throw him high :D 

We made several precious memories and I am so thankful to God for these blessings!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bye Bye Ba Ba!

I NEVER would have imagined that the hardest thing for me about being a parent is feeding my child!!! I mean I am a pro at eating! I LOVE eating!! And yet my son is still coming around to actual food. We had a couple of weeks where he did great on the baby food some stage 2 some stage 3. Then we started adding other foods (we already had been giving him bananas, his FAV) I gave him some peas, NO go, some mashed potatoes, NO go, some iddy bitty pcs of turkey, NO go and on and on. I finally tired tomatoes and watermelon and we had a YES!!! He LOVES this stuff, however I kinda went overboard and I think it tore his tummy up. I was really dumb and feel horrible but I guess I was so excited that he actually enjoyed eating something that I was just not thinking.

So then we had the 1 year dr. appt. and I talked to my doctor about the bottle. He just said to start taking away one bottle at a time. His advice was to do this and Noah would end up eating more "real" food and then would start decreasing the amount of the bottle on his own. We started this about a week ago and surprisingly he did good. We skipped our morning ba ba and I would just get up with him, change his diaper, have some playtime, then feed him bkfast. If he got up around 6:30 I would start rocking him for a nap around 8:30, with NO bottle. He fussed some but Todd showed me this  new way of calming him down where you walk him around the room and bounce a lot and when he puts his head on your shoulder you can rock him out to nappy town!! It works great!! He has done awesome.

When he got up we would either play or do lunch depending on the time he got up. Sometimes he would do a snack or drink some milk from his sippy cup. Then around the 2nd nap we would do a bottle. Then dinner, etc....Then at night we would do a bottle for bedtime.

This is where it got crazy!!! I guess he was either missing his bottle, having some tummy issues from all the maters and melon, or having nightmares. Because he got up several times and didn't cry, he screamed!!!! This went on for a few days and Todd and I were EXHAUSTED!!! And confused, and scared, and wondering what the heck we needed to do. Noah has been a pretty good sleeper. We decided to ask Todd's mom to keep Noah so we could get some rest and do some shopping. He did good at her house and last night he only got up once!! YAY!! And he just cried and didn't do that horrible scream. So far today he has only taken one bottle before his second nap and he has been a happy camper. He loves his milk and water from his sippy cup and I think he really likes it when I put ice in the water so he can shake it and make noise!!! We will see how things go from here. I am a bit too scared to take the second bottle away considering it is kinda the only one he has during the day. I may wait a few weeks. There is no rush!! And honestly I am not ready to deal with no sleep at night just yet :D

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Noah open the drawer and then climb into it. I had to take a quick picture before I told him "no no"!! He looks sooo cute like he was caught in the act :D Such a smarty that boy of mine!!!

Soo cool

I gotta wear shades :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Noah's bday in words...pics to come

I have been working on uploading pics to picasa web albums, but it is taking FOREVER!! UGG!!! I am going to have to get my computer cked out b/c it is really slow lately and that is frustrating!! Neways I can do a word recap of Noah's first bday and then hopefully I can put the pics up soon.

The day was AWESOME!! Todd and I were nervous b/c we are shy and were worried about being good hosts. Everything just came together perfectly. Noah took his nap right before the party so he was refreshed!! Then the cake arrived and it was super cute. It is crazy how you think you have it all done and then ppl start showing up and you realize you have a million things to do. So our family helped us get a few last minute things done. We had pizza for everyone and lots of drinks. It was one HOT day. We rented a jump house so most of the time everyone was outside. However, there was alot of coming in to cool of too b/c it was soooo hot.

After we ate and the kids played we did Noah's cake. He did not cry when everyone sang happy bday so that was a success. He was a bit apprehensive about his cake at first and Todd tried to put his hand in it and he was like NO WAY dad :D Then he decided he was interested in it and started going to town!!! We cleaned him up, ate some YUMMY cake, and then we opened presents. I cracked up when I opened the gift from my parents to Noah. They had wrapped up a roll of toilet paper in with their gift. Noah's favorite thing at the moment is tp. After he saw that he just sat there and played with the toilet paper! It was hilarious :D

It was time for Noah to eat dinner so I fed him and we hung out with family and friends til everyone left. Todd and I both crashed after everyone was gone and I think Noah was tuckered out too. We both felt like the party was a success and were so full of love we could have just exploded! We both chatted about the past year and how blessed we were to have Noah.

All in all, it was a great day of celebrating Noah's first year of life!! We were surrounded by family and friends and life couldn't have gotten any better!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Hoping to add pics soon :D Sorry it is taking so long!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Noah's First Birthday!!! (first of many posts)

I am a little late, but I am stil working on uploading pics to picasa web albums so I can share photos a bit easier! Here are some pics of Noah's bday party :D Once more are uploaded I will share more :D

And yes note the bday banner has a boo boo, can you see it?? I didn't even notice til we hung it! Not that I could have fixed it b/c I ordered it off of etsy and I am not crafty!!

Ready to PARTY!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

on my mind

Just a few things on my mind:

  • does that sally hansen stick on polish really work, is it hard to do even for a very uncoordinated person like me?? hmm
  • when is my jillian video going to get here, i am getting bigger by the second and vacay is around the corner, uggggg
  • love the show criminal minds. it rocks and i love watching the re-runs on dvr. however, it has now made me super paranoid
  • i am soo behind on noah's baby book, the blog, and cleaning.
  • i am dreaming about the new loft outlet at tanger!! LOVE!!!!
  • can't wait to get my spray on tan before the beach, 7 days of being "normal" and not looking so pigmentally challenged
  • i am soo easily forgettable...how can i change that? maybe i should dye my hair neon pink..something to think about :D
  • i am so glad noah is finally eating better and trying new foods and textures
  • can't wait for bedtime but i know i will stay up late watching recordings of criminal minds then be so keyed up that i can't sleep, then noah will get up at the butt crack of dawn and i will wish i hit the sack earlier..this cycle is repeated every nite. i never learn!!!!
  • hoping my hydrangeas don't die
  • i think noah is getting sick :(