Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So much has been going on lately that I haven't even had the time or energy to even do a proper 11 month post for Noah! Maybe I will get around to it!! First of all, I have been feeling very tired lately. And I have always been a bit tired but I am even more tired now and it makes me worry something else is going on. I am sooo behind on laundry and my bedroom looks like a warzone!! It just seems like when Noah naps or sleeps then I do too or have NO energy to get things done. And that is getting on my nerves!!! I HATE feeling this way!! Then when Todd is off we we end up trading my car and that took all day no rest then either!! It is like I sleep all night and wake up and feel like I haven't slept a bit!

So today on a whim I called my doctor and got an appt. I grabbed Noah and headed on my merry little way. It was quite interesting to take Noah with me to the doctor!!! Not sure I will do that again :D He did good, but now I am soaking wet with sweat and ready to call it a day! Yep it is only 4 pm I can't call it a day yet. The doctor took TONS of blood and gave me a B12 shot! I know this sounds horrible but I hope they find something b/c I refuse to believe that I just don't have energy like other ppl (terri)!!

Maybe I am just overextended b/c Noah's bday party is coming up and he is being dedicated at church this sunday as well! Lots to do!!! No energy to do it!!!! So how long til the B12 kicks in???????????

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Anonymous said...

I hope they are able to find something or at least something that doesnt make you quite as tired.