Sunday, May 29, 2011

Splish Splash!!

It is kinda hard to stay quiet when I have this cutie to talk about, haha!!
Yesterday I pulled out the baby pool that the Easter bunny brought Noah and when Todd got home we headed outside for some fun!!! Noah LOVES to splash!!!

He was all smiles and loving his pool! Makes me want a big pool even MORE!!!

His cheeks are sooo kissable!!

I just love the way he is looking at Todd like are you sure we are going to go in again tomorrow daddy? You better be :D haha!!!

I am sooo psyched about introducting Noah to all things water this summer!! I am a HUGE fan of the water even if I am super pale! I adore swimming and could live in a pool if I could!! I am sure we will be begging friends and family for some swim visits soon :D

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Anonymous said...

I love that little pool! He looks like he is having a blast in it!