Friday, May 20, 2011

POOOOOOOP!!! Yep I am blogging bout it!!!!

Is it too much to ask not to have to clean up poop for ONE day?? I mean I don't mind cleaning Noah's behind, but Maggie's little surprises are driving me NUTS!!! She always poops right up under me while I am drying my hair or cooking and then I almost/sometimes end up stepping in it!! YUCK!!! Now she has decided that she knows it is wrong to poopy in the house so she went under our bed and did her business! Do you know how hard it is to get on the floor and try to get your vac. extender thingie to reach all the way under a king size bed??? Even now as I was just reading blogs and taking in some "me" time she ran to the door so I took her out. And we live in a subdivision way out in the country and this subdivision decided it didn't want to put up lights ANYWHERE so it is dark and spooky outside. So going out around 11:30 in the scary dark isn't on my top list of fun things to do tonight. Then I bring her in....and sit down for some more "me" time. Out of the corner of my eye I see her poop right in front of the back door!


So right now all I can say is Dog for sale!!!!

No really I love her, but right now she isn't on my best friend list!!!! I guess I will just put one of Noah's diapers on her!!!!!

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