Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy First Birthday Noah!!!!

How in the world did a year go by so fast?? I guess time does fly when you are having fun!!!
Noah Wesley you are ONE year old!!! Your mommy and daddy feel sooo blessed to be your parents!!!
You bring us such joy and you have shown us a new way to look at the world through your precious eyes. Here is a sneak peek of your one year shots by Jennifer!!!
Your hair looks red in this picture, but in person I don't see the red. You were not feeling so hot on your birthday and ran a low grade fever all day. I am thinking you were working on some more teeth. So we didn't get too many smiles for pictures. Which is odd b/c you are ALWAYS smiling.

You took your first steps, but decided that you will just crawl for now :D Lately you have been taking a few more steps from the couch to the ottoman. I think once you gain some more confidence you will be walking up a storm. In this picture you stood for a LONG time!!!

You are ALL boy!! You love to throw the ball and other toys and wrestle with your doggie pillow pet. Or play rolly polly with the comforter with daddy.

You are soo smart and can say alot of words but it seems like you say them and then are done saying them. We have heard you say momma, daddy, maggie, light, side (for outside), and bye bye.

You can wave bye bye and hello. And your favorite thing to do is tear up mommy's magazines or toilet paper. You really like to tear the pages. You have four teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom. Oh and you will stick your tongue out when I ask you where your tongue is. You know where mommy's nose is but aren't sure about your own nose yet :D hehe.

You are finally okay with wearing shoes. I really thought you would just be my barefoot boy forever :D You know your momma loved to be barefoot and still does :D You learn so much each day and just amaze us with how much you know!!

I have treasured this year sweet boy! I loved every second from the late night feedings to the first giggles and kisses!!! You are my miracle and I am so thankful for you! Always remember that God made you for a purpose and always look to Him for guidance!

And always remember you will ALWAYS be my little boy!!! No matter how old you get!!!


*Can't wait til ur bday party this wkend!!! Meeshka Mooshka Mickey Mouse!!!


shauna said...

Happy birthday Noah! The year really has flown by hasn't it? I love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Noah! I cant believe our babies could be a year old this month:)

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

What a cutie patootie! Thanks for visiting my blog. I looked into the issue you mentioned and here is the best answer I could find--let me know if this helps :) xoxo, ashley