Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walkin buddies!!!

We have had a few walks around the hood with this little cutie pie and her momma!!
I think Noah really enjoys our walks! Especially with Brooklyn :D He just watches her and I am guessing he is just thinking 'wow, that girl sure is cute' :D My momma got him a hat while we were in St. Simons and he actually wore it for one of our walks! Needless to say he hasn't done soo great with it lately!

Brooklyn has a tricycle and it is really neat b/c it has a handle for mommy to help push and navigate!
I really enjoy our walks too! The mommys get to chat and the kids get to enjoy some fresh air.
Hopefully I will get Noah's 11 mos. post up soon! I cannot believe he is less than a month away from being ONE!!!!! We have his party invitations ready to send out YAY :D

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter! Please tune it for a special Easter post!!!

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shauna said...

Noah looks so cute in his hat! His little friend is super cute too :) How nice to have another mom to walk with