Monday, April 4, 2011

Paint your ART out!!!

I was so excited when my friend Joni invited me to the Paint your ART out event a SGES (a local private school). It was great fun getting to paint and of course chat with these awesome women. I am hoping they turn this into a regular thing!!!
 We had so much fun!! I am rockin my NKOTB shirt :D hehe
Can you find me??? haha


Tracy said...

Ooh how fun! Are you a big NKOTB fan? Are you going to their concert with BSB?! I'm a HUGE BSB fan lol and I am SO wanting to see them and NKOTB but they aren't coming here this year! BSB came here last summer and I went though hehe..I've actually been to 6 of their concerts haha! Oh boy!

Amber said...

looks like such a fun time!