Monday, April 18, 2011

My Confessional

Just put Noah down for a nap and preheated the oven! While the oven preheated I decided to catch up on my blog reading. One of my favs Katie had a confessional post this it inspired me!!! So here goes...

*It is 10:21 am and I am preheating my oven for a frozen pizza! Nope haven't had bkfast, yep still wanna lose wt.? Yep!  I know that eating a frozen pizza isn't gonna help with that goal. Do I care at the moment..NOPE!!! (and btw it was soooo good ) I made myself feel better by drinking a coke zero with it :D

*Noah turned 11 mos. old yesterday and I didn't get any pictures yet nor did I get any msrments for the baby book! Feeling pretty guilty...hoping I can make up for it today!!

*Noah has been feeding Maggie (our doggie) alot of puffs lately and I have not discouraged this at all. Then I realized that I should have b/c when I fed Noah bananas he proceded to feed Maggie some and she slobbered all over his hands and then he decided it was more fun to feed Maggie then himself! Is it bad that this doesn't really bother me and that I secretly think it is cute??

*Noah used my clothes this morning as his tissue...aka snot rag! I now have it all over me...guess I should change clothes after this post. Probably not gonna do it. He doesn't care and I don't plan on getting out today! Yeah I know I am gross!!  This is why I like to stay in my pjs all day. Yeah among other reasons. No really I wish the world was a pj wearing all the time kinda world. Where everyone wore comfy scrub like outfits everyday in various colors. That would be amazing!!! I am very sensitive to different fabrics and pretty much get in my comfy clothes as soon as I hit the door.

* Okay I can tell I have become a momma b/c all of my confessions seem to start with a certain name...NOAH!! I love that!! I was rocking to sleep for this nap this morning and I just love watching him snooze. I just feel like I could explode with love for that kid!! Yep I have become that person that talks about her son 24-7...and I am soo proud of it!!! I worked hard to get here!! Gonna enjoy it!

Well, that was refreshing!!! I am sure that is exactly what y'all wanted to read....haha!! Go ahead get it off your chest confess if you dare!!!!


Amber said...

Ive never done this before but could so confess about lots of things:) Thanks for being so honest and sharing!

shauna said...

The whole shirt/tissue thing doesn't go away any time soon. I usually have at least a little snot on my shoulder at all times. Unless I'm going somewhere I don't really worry about it because I know he'll just ruin the next shirt too :)
And I am pretty sure Maggie totally appreciates the fact that you think Noah feeding her is cute (lol)