Monday, April 18, 2011

add on to confessional

I wrote a confessional this morning and left out something! Well it has been bugging me so I decided to write about it! A fellow blogger kinda wrote about the same thing a week or so ago and I was shocked to read that even she goes through what I go through. I have written about this topic before and I am sure I will write about it again. I hate to say it is depression b/c right now I feel it is more physical than emotional/mental for me. I have had depression/anxiety in the past, but lately I have just had my moments of feeling physically drained!!

Like today!!! Is it normal to have a few days where you just literally can't stand being in your own skin! It is frustrating b/c I HATE feeling this way!!!!! I want to be energetic and motivated and get things done and when I feel this way it just feels like I am trying to swim in mud! I can barely get anywhere and by the time I do I am too tired to do anything. It gets on my nerves! So I guess I get on my nerves!!!

I am not sure if it is hormone related or what...maybe! I know that sometimes you just need a break, but I am tired of feeling tired! Usually I feel this way alot, but the past month it went away and I had more days of energy and motivation. Now it is back and I am totally bummed b/c who knows when I will feel better! I guess I need to talk to a doctor and get some more bloodwork done. I have read somewhere that metformin can block B12...but not sure if that is true. There has to be something wrong b/c I am not sad... well I am sad that I have NO energy or motivations!! But I am not depressed like I have experienced in the past.

So now my confessional is complete!


shauna said...

Not trying to diagnose you or anything, but make sure they check your thyroid. That is how I feel when mine is out of whack. Hope you figure it out, it is hard when you have no energy :(

Tracy said...

I have been feeling kinda the same way lately too, but still a bit more emotional on top. Ugh. I'm thinking it's hormone related too, but who knows. I hope you start feeling better soon! Btw, how's your party planning been going?! I think that's part of my problem too!