Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Random things....

BTW I so went right up there and got Noah. I could NOT stand hearing him cry like that! I mean it was a cry that made me think he wasn't feeling well. So yesterday evening and napping was a bust!!! Noah was exhausted by the time Todd's mom got here. I had plans to go out with some friends to paint at a nearby school. She got Noah to nap a bit in her arms while I finished getting ready! But poor thing really doesn't feel good and I think I figured out why today. It looks like his left front tooth is starting to peek through. It hasn't broken the gums yet but you can see the white. His bottom left was the first to break through and then his right bottom followed right along. Maybe my poor baby is going to get four teeth at once!!

Today I cuddled him and pampered him all day!! We had fun just staying at home just us two! I blocked off the living room so Noah couldn't go all over the house so I had a break from chasing him so far :D He played well and took a great nap this morning. I had to fight him a bit!! But he finally layed his head down and off to sleepy town he went.

I just put him down for his second nap and that was A LOT of work!! WHEW!!! I started rocking him and he started fighting me. I mean this boy is STRONG! He climbs up me, tries to turn around...anything to get off of me. He really fights it HARD! I just kept praying for God to give me strength and oodles and oodles of patience. After fighting trying that for a while I decided to give him some tylenol after checking out this new tooth about to come through. And I fixed a bottle. He seems to be eating more lately! I am thinking it is b/c he isn't eating as much "real" food b/c of teething so he is eating his formula more. He went right to sleep eating his "ba ba" and I tried to put him in his crib!! NO GO!!! He jumped right up and started screaming like really loudly!! So I fought  rocked him some more and finally got him to go to sleep! Then I prayed again!!!!! I put him in his crib and he stayed asleep! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! I will be happy if he sleeps atleast 30 minutes!! He needs some rest!!!! So I am horrible at the CIO (crying it out) thing!!

New Tricks:
As I said earlier we had fun today playing just us! And Noah has really mastered waving bye bye and giving love (kisses). I got him on video (I will share if I can find the cord 4 the camera) where he even threw a toy for Maggie. She loves this orange fish bath toy and he gets it and throws it. Most of the time Maggie just runs away from him and sometimes she plays along. He is also trying sooo hard to give her love!! It is cute! Maggie just runs from him and he starts crawling after her with his mouth open ready to give kisses :D


Our Baby "D" said...

Greyson is a figher too, boyfriend is STRONG! Hope you have better success with naps soon :) Our growing boys need their rest, but they just want to play, play, play!

Amber said...

I so could not do the CIO method either so dont feel bad. I just couldnt handle Morgan cry like that.

So glad yall had a good day and hopefully he got in a good nap!