Monday, March 28, 2011

Noah hates Naps!!!! Now I do too!!

Noah was doing so well at napping and sleeping at night. Well, I say he was doing well but I never really had a strict schedule of napping per se. The first nap of the day was easy b/c he would go down well and wouldn't fight me. Then came time for the second nap and it was HORRIBLE!! He started fighting me when I rocked him so I started giving him a kiss and putting him in his crib. Usually after a few minutes he would go to sleep! Well, NOW things are changing again!! I just put him in his crib for his second nap (after he fought me while rocking him) and he is still sitting in his crib CRYING!!!! And fussing at me! I swear he is telling me off!!! It has only been 10 minutes and I am going crazy!!! I have the monitor right beside me to monitor him and make sure he doesn't stand up and fall. So far he is just mad at me and wanting out of his crib.

Here is the dilemma!!! I need to get him on a regular nap schedule so I can decide on a good time of the day for his upcoming birthday!!!! I can't just let him nap whenever and honestly I did that with the second nap b/c it was a nightmare with him. So I would just let him stay up til he was super tired and he would take a really short late nap or we would put him to bed earlier. I have read some of Dr. W's book and it worked really good to begin with, but I guess b/c Noah would go down after a few minutes of protesting it made it easier.

I can't stand this crying so much!!!! I am second guessing myself and wanting to go and get him so badly. But I must remember that he NEEDS his sleep. It has been 2 and 1/2 hours since his morning nap and he is perfectly fine. He has been fed and changed and I gave him some tylenol b/c he is teething. I just wish I could fast forward through this and get to the part where he doesn't protest sleep so much!!!

This makes me feel like such a horrible momma!! UGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amber said...

Im glad to know we are not the only ones that cant seem to get our child to take a nap lately! Hope Noah decides to get his nap in soon!