Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Love, My Toby!!

I am very blessed to have a husband like Todd! As you can see he is quite the looker :D And he is just as beautiful on the inside too! I know this sounds corny but he is my other half!! He is not just my husband but my bestest friend!!! I love that I can be completely myself around him and he loves me all the same. Even when I sing totally off key, which is all of the time. Sometimes I think I have a running soundtrack in my head all day long, so you never know which song I will sing out. He is always telling me that I am beautiful and with this post pg body I soo need that. He listens to me rant on and on and on while I process things.

 He has taught me so much about life and myself!! He taught me about love and how to receive love. And I cannot forget that he showed me how to properly eat cereal, hehe!! Apparently putting the cereal in first is not right. You gotta do the milk and then add the cereal along the way so it doesn't get soggy!! And it is so much better that way :D
He is such an honorable man and always follows through on his commitments...come rain or shine!!! He works super hard to provide for his family and would give you the shirt off of his back or the shoes on his feet if you needed them!!! He puts pride in his work. He doesn't just clock in and go into robot mode, but he really cares about his patients and gives 110%!!

He is super silly and we always say that we need our own reality show, but I am sure we would end up just looking nuts to everyone else. I love laughing with him!!!

He is not one to hold grudges, which I need to work on!! He seriously gets over things so quickly and just forgives and forgets. I am trying to be more like that :D

He is a family man and always has been! That was one of the reasons I fell so hard with him. It was obvious that he loves his family!! He is an awesome daddy!! He is a hands on daddy!! He does baths, bottles, diapers, feeding, etc. You name it and he does it!!! And he doesn't complain one bit. He comes in from a long day of work and cannot wait to get his hands on Noah.

And last but certainly not least, he loves our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

I love you Toby!!! My love always!!!

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