Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 Months! (just a few days late)

Noah Wesley, you are 10 months old!! What are you up to these days??
You started crawling and pulling up on everything! You are a great crawler now and you are loving finding new adventures to explore in the house!
You are really getting the hang of standing and can balance on your own for a few seconds.

 You found our backdoor window and enjoy looking out with your best pal Maggie :D Y'all are so sweet together!!!
 You haven't outgrown getting kisses from momma ( I hope you never outgrow them)! You are always smiling and so full of joy!
 When we ask you where the light is you look up at it and show us!! Too cute!! You have even attempted saying light it sounds like iiiiiidd. I am counting this as your first word b/c you actually know what you are saying! :D And yes this is how we roll in our playroom. You love to get all of your toys out of the bins and spread them around.
 You and Daddy have so much fun together doing "guy" things like scaring mommy at the top of the stairs!!
Look at you and your cute belly!!

 You are still unsure of grass and I am thinking it is b/c it is still dead and rough!
You are still my chunkey monkey weighing 24 lb!!! My BIG boy!!!

 My new favorite thing you are doing is giving kisses!! I just LOVE this new thing where you kinda eat my face. You do it while I am rocking you for a nap and we both end up laughing!

I FINALLY bought you some shades and you are not a fan of them. You kept them on for a few seconds and laughed and then you pulled them off. I am thinking you won't be wearing them this summer.

Gotta love tuperware!! Who knew it could be so much fun and help Mommy get dinner cooked. You are loving playing with all of my plastic bowls and lids.

 You adore Maggie!! I mean you really love her and just light up when you see her! You also have to help me take her out to potty and hold the leash everytime we go out! You are so good to her!!!! You even give her your toys :D And now some food too!!

Now for the 10 month pictures!! And here you are standing up for a few seconds. It looks like you are leaning on the chair, but you stood for a little while all by yourself!!

And I just had to share this sweet picture of Noah with his older cousin Caleb!! Isn't this just the sweetest!!!!!!!! 

Happy 10 months sweet boy! I am happy and excited to see you grow and learn new things, but sad that time is going by so fast! I am so thankful and honored to be your mommy and to get to see the world through your eyes!! You are such a sweet and loving little boy and you have such a passion for life. You are quite strong willed, not sure who you got that from..haha!! I love you dearly No No :D


momof5girls said...

Awe, I am so glad you share these pics! I cannot believe how fast this boy of yours is growing! He is going to be a big man! I know you're just loving him to pieces! If you get the chance please put up more video;I love to hear your and his voices! It comes close atleast to meeting y'all ;) Love you, Arlene

Angel said...

beautiful! made me cry! you are an awesome mama!

Carey said...

You have no idea how irritated I am...I had this nice long comment ready to post and my internet crashed. AH! Well, the gist of it was Noah is adorable, we have the same stand and play table and how crazy is it that our babes are SO CLOSE to being a year old?! :)

The Sherrill Family said...

I cannot believe Noah is 24 lb! What a big boy!! He's got such sweet rolls and such a great smile too. You can tell he is very well loved. :)

These pictures are so great! I especially love the ones of Noah and Maggie. They are super cute!!


Tracy said...

Seriously so stinkin cute!

shauna said...

He is such a gorgeous chunker baby!

Amber said...

Happy 10 Months! So glad I found your new site its been a while since Ive gotten a chance to check blogs:)