Friday, February 4, 2011

Tell a story in pictures!

All ready to go to NC!! Noah is already reaching out to me and hoping I will rescue him from the carseat..and yes I am sticking my tongue out. Noah has rubbed off on me :D

 We had to stop and get some grub and with a baby you don't want to get out if he is napping! So we just called Papa Johns and ordered some yummy pizza! I could have eaten it all :D I think Todd liked it too..hehe

It was yummy but greasy!!! My hubby is so cute and so gonna get me for posting this pic :D

See we devoured it!!!!

 Our lifesaver the dvd player!! Todd's parents let us borrow it and I am so thankful!! Noah loved watching Baby E!!

 Me doing some serious driving!!

Noah watching Baby E in the dark! Usually he screams in his carseat at night, but he was a happy boy!!!!

My view of Noah!

Noah's view of me...sorry Noah :D 

 Eating at Mommy's fav. place (and Daddy's too) HARDEES!!!

I have an amazing hubby! He is always an active daddy! Here he is feeding Noah some applesauce. Oh yes Noah is doing better at eating..gotta post about that!!!

 Aunt Ali teaching Noah how to do the I LOVE YOU sign!! He loves his auntie!!!

Aunt Ali feeding Noah and giving Mommy and Daddy a break, whew!!!

 I LOVE my sis in law, she is awesome and gorgeous!!!!


 Getting all dried off by daddy :D

The next morning we got up early and drove home. Overall Noah did great. He did get up more but it was expected since he was in a new place and he was all off schedule. He is such a good lil baby!!! Now he has been to TN, SC, and NC!! YAY for my lil traveler!!!

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