Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So far so good and YUM ck fingers!

I guess I just needed a bit of a confidence boost and needed to trust my instincts. So far today things have gone good. Noah woke up at 6:30 and played in his crib til 7 am. Then we got up and he took his bottle. He played while I washed dishes. Around 8:30 I fed him some applesauce and let him practice with his sippy cup of water. He ate like a champ and loved chewing on his sippy cup, hehe!! I only fed him half a jar b/c we are just starting out and I don't want to overfeed him.

I waited a bit longer on naptime and waited on him to get fussy. He did a little after 9 am so I went to rock him to sleep. He fought me like crazy so I gave him a kiss and put him in his crib. He played a bit and when I cked on him he looked super sleepy and I knew he was about to fall asleep sitting up so I grabbed him and rocked him again and this time no fighting, yay!! He went to sleep and is still asleep right now! He's been asleep an hour. I am sure he will wake up soon and I will give him a bottle then wait an hour and a half or so and feed him some more baby food.

Since I felt so pumped about how great things were going this morning I decided to hit the eliptical. It kicked my butt!! I only did 10 minutes. Of course after a few minutes I stretched and then got back on for the remainder of the time. My legs were burning good :D Then I worked my arms and abs a bit. Nothing too much b/c I am soooo out of shape!! I really think the only thing that kept me going was my Ms. Spears :D Yep, I love to wkout to Britney! Her songs make me push myself.

Oh and I cked my blood sugar yesterday after taking 1/2 of the 850 mg of metformin. It was 94, then I ate and later it was 98. I decided to take it again this morning and it was 89. I am thinking that when I took it before I took it in the evening. So I am going to try that tonight and ck my sugar again tomorrow. I feel comfortable doing this tonight b/c Todd is off and will be off tomorrow as well. So he will be around if my sugar gets too low. I really do want to find another OBGYN that is willing to do some testing and not rely on another's doctor's dx. Anyone know a great doctor near the ATL area??? Well, those are my tidbits this morning, here's to hoping the rest of the day is as good as this morning!!!!

Can't wait to eat at my momma and daddy's this evening!! Momma is cooking ck tenders, YUM!!! I am sooo excited about those stinking ck fingers!!

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Shannon said...

Yay for his napping again!

I agree with all the comments on the previous post. He definitely needs to nap and I give Westin his breakfast about an hour after he wakes up and nurses. Noah needs all the nutrition from his bottles right now and the food doesn't really have calories in it but it is just teaching him how to eat.

I LOVE the clarisonic! My face has been SOO dry this winter and after one use it was so soft and now after using it several times it is like a different face! haha My friend owns a make up store and that is where I got it. She said the Mia (cheapest model and the one I got) is perfectly fine. It is one speed but you really don't need more speeds. :)