Friday, February 25, 2011

Screamin good time :D

Papa taught Noah to mimic him yesterday by screaming! It is the funniest thing and I got him to do it while I was trying to video him crawling so I had to share!! Sorry if I am screaming too loud into the camera!!


shauna said...

He is just so adorable! It's funny how much he reminds me of Jakob when he was that age

momof5girls said...

Oh my goodness! He is the cutest little chubby-ubby since Jakob! Thank you soooo much for sharing these precious moments! He is so observant, did you see him notice his shadow on the back of your sofa? I think that's why he began to fuss. It seemed to startle him. I would just love to hug and kiss that little man of yours! I'm so proud for you. Just enjoy every moment! What a blessing ;)

The Sherrill Family said...

Precious!! Ruthie and I watched this video together and she kept signing more. I think she was fascinated. Noah is growing up so fast!! I can't hardly believe it. xoxo