Thursday, February 3, 2011

Noah found something new!!!

Before I post about our trip and our guests I just had to post about Noah and his new friend, his tongue!! :D He just started sticking it out one day and it just cracks me up!  

He sticks it out while he is playing......(this is what we wear on our heads when the heat is out downstairs..burr)

While he is playing with Maggie....(He loves to give Maggie his toys)

He sticks it out at Mommy :D

Or while he is thinking about throwing his ball!! (serious concentration)

And of course he sticks it out at himself in the mirror after a nice warm bath :D
It is amazing and such a blessing to get to watch Noah learn and discover new things! His personality is blossoming and it is so darn cute!


Melissa said...

He is so adorable....luv,luv,luv those sweet chubby cheeks.

Amber said...

So cute!! I remember when Drake discovered his funny.