Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Tired!!

It seems like forever since I posted! I have written several posts in my head but haven't had time to actually write them out. We were out of town this past wkend and then one of my friends and her son came and visited us for a few days! I am tired, but it is a good tired! Just like the Akins song Good Tired!  The song is about Jesus and even about their neighbor (Truett Cathy, u might have heard of more ck).Y'all really need to ck it out!!!

Good Tired

I tried to get the lyrics and even a video to share, but I only found this way to share it! I hope it works and I hope you click on it and listen!!! They are awesome!!! And they are from GA :D YAY!!! They came to our church a while back and I swear I could just listen to their music all day long!!! Hopefully I can post with details soon, but this GA girl needs to hit the sack!!!!!

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