Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun Visit!!

We got a visit from this little cutie and his mommy :D Say Hi to Robert Austin!!

Noah loved playing with RA!

Noah watched RA crawl and walk and I think Noah was intrigued!!!

 Here are a few pictures of RA's Mommy, Jess! She is the on on the far right! I went to grad school with these two girls! Lori and Jess!! I love them soo much!!! This is from my shower last year!

Lori, Jess, and I at Jess' wedding shower a few years ago!!

Us three at one of our many study sessions! You can see we were studying hard, hehe! Man how time flies!!!!

We had so much fun visiting with Jess and RA! Now I just need to get my Lobo over here and I will be complete!!!

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