Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dilemmas!!! Need advice!!

I know that I should go to all the books I have and get some answers, but I would rather talk to other mommas and get advice. Maybe that makes me lazy! Or super smart?? Or maybe just a little bit of both, hehe!!

I sometimes feel like I am clueless!! I had this run of time where Noah was napping like a champ and we had his feeding schedule down solid! Then we went to NC and now I feel like I am lost. I feel like I skipped a beat and cannot get back on track! I find myself second guessing all of my actions and it is getting on my nerves!!

Noah has been fighting his naps! He was doing awesome when I rocked him....then he started to fight it so I would put him in his crib and let him fuss it out for a few minutes...usuallly he would go right to sleep after a little bit of fussing. Well, now he can sit up in his crib and plays and plays and plays!!!! No naps!! Well, today he did fall asleep sitting up. Poor thing was bent over and he had to be uncomfortable so I went in and moved him and of course within a few minutes he was up!

So here is what I am second guessing myself on and would love your input! If Noah is sleeping 11 hours at night is it wrong for me to get him to nap twice a day??? Since he is sleeping so well at night should I just thank my lucky stars and only do one nap a day?? And how the heck can he soothe himself to sleep if he keeps sitting up???

Next dilemma.....eating!! As you saw in a previous video Noah is doing great eating baby food now! But I feel like I am again second guessing myself. I think he is ready to start eating baby food for bkfast and possibly lunch (he already eats it for supper). However, I am not quite sure how to transition him from his bottle in the morning to baby food. My child LOVES his bottle in the morning like it is his cup of coffee. Should I just give him 4 oz as opposed to 7 and then feed him baby food?? Or should I do the baby food first then the bottle???? And how much should he eat for bkfast?? He is eating a half "jar" of fruit (plastic container thingie) and a whole container of veggies! The fruit container is the larger size and the veggie one is the smaller one.

Last dilemma (for now) Sippy cup introduction! I have given Noah a sippy cup. I think it is the Nub brand. Or something like that, right now I am tired and not sure. He really just teeths on it. Any suggestions on sippy cups that don't leak and have worked for your babes?? How did y'all do the transition? Did you just start using the sippy cup instead of the bottle...slowly...cold turkey???? Or did you wait til you could give your babe whole milk to start the sippy cup?

Thanks for listening to my crazy self!!! And I really really appreciate any advice!!!! I am trying to work on stopping second guessing myself and trusting my instincts more!!!


Karen said...

He is most definitely ready for baby food at every meal. By 5 months, my kids were having a morning bottle, then breakfast (1 jar of food, a bowl of cereal, and a bottle around 10:30), lunch (2 jars of food and a bottle), dinner (2 jars of food and a bottle), then a bottle about 45 minutes before bed. Each bottle was 6 oz. The number of jars of food lessened a little bit when I switched to Stage 2's around 7 months. They napped in between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner. I would still say he needs his naps. Although 11 hours is great at night, it definitely isn't enough sleep for your little guy. Not sure what to do other than let him fuss and play. He probably could just go to one nap and they may make him more tired. Go with your gut. You are his momma!

Amber said...

Totally understand, Dana! I would rather just ask someone, too. :-)

1. Sleeping - Every kid is different, but Drake sleeps 11-12 hours at night and still takes 2 naps (sometimes up to 4 hours total during the day!). I think he still needs 2 naps.

2. Food - Again, people do different things. At 8 months, Drake would wake up about 7am and get a bottle (7 ounces) then our sitter would feed him breakfast about 8am. This was the same way for lunch and dinner...bottle, then about an hour later food.

3. Sippy cup - Don't worry. Drake didn't really take to one until he was right around a year. He still only really drinks a little bit at a time from it. Just keep offering it and eventually, he'll start drinking. You can try different kinds, too. Drake really likes the simple take & toss cups.

Hope that helps!

Melissa said...

Sippy cups - we went cold turkey once she turned 1 year old....however we didn't have much of a choice since she HAD to be off a bottle at 1 year old for surgery. We used the munchkin brand. I know of alot of other babies that liked munchkin and nuby. After that we transitioned her to playtex.

Tracy said...

I am so glad you posted about this because I am having some of the same issues with the girls too! It's good to hear others advice and opinions.

John said...

Yes, I had found out you changed address. and the vidioes are great,, Noah is such a blessing form God to not only you both ,but to the world..We love you all... M&D