Friday, February 25, 2011

Screamin good time :D

Papa taught Noah to mimic him yesterday by screaming! It is the funniest thing and I got him to do it while I was trying to video him crawling so I had to share!! Sorry if I am screaming too loud into the camera!!

Noah crawling :D

I finally got a video of Noah crawling!! We are so proud of him! Oh and the stats from his 9 month well visit are: wt 23.5 lb (80%) and ht 29 in. (75%)! The doctor said he is doing great and is healthy. Praise God for such a sweet healthy boy!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

changed blog address

I had to change my blog address b/c it was driving me nuts! It seems like everyone that was following me is still linked up to my blog, so hopefully I didn't lose all of y'all!!

So are y'all still out there????

Holla if ya hear me??

Monday, February 21, 2011



Noah really crawled for the first time at Grammy and P-Papa's house on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011! You were 9 mos. and two days old! We were so excited and I screamed so loud that it made you cry, sorry! Grammy, P-Papa, Aunt Terri, Carley, and Anna Claire also got to see you crawl :D What a joyous day!

Now I need to baby proof the house!!!! I will post a video soon if I can ever get the stinker to do it on camera!!!!!

"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3

I just love this verse and I think I may just add it to every post!!! It seems to fit everything in life!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 9 Months!!!!

Noah Wesley you are NINE MONTHS old!! Where has the time gone?? It seems like everyday you are doing something new. You are such a sweet little boy and each day that passes the love we have for you grows even stronger.

 You are such a handsome little boy and now that you are into EVERYTHING doing our block pictures isn't working out anymore, hehe!!! Your smile just melts my heart!! You look alot like me when I was little, bless your heart!!

 Case in point!! Block pictures don't work anymore!!

 You have learned to clap your hands! You love to clap when I say YAY, or when music starts playing. You LOVE music.

You are starting to pull up on things!
 And play peek-a-boo!

Maggie makes you smile so big! You just enjoy playing with her so much and she is starting to see that you are pretty fun to play with since you always give her your toys!

You are full of energy and such a happy boy! Always smiling and laughing! 

You still love your baths! You just splash splash splash! You even like it when we pour the water over your head to rinse your shampoo out. You have graduated to a chair in the tub instead of your whale tub. You outgrew it!!!!

You are still attached to your mommy and I love it!! I have tried putting shoes on you but you are just not having it!

Praise God you have finally opened your mouth and started eating food!! I thought you never would sweet boy!

Your Papa and Nanny let us borrow their portable dvd player and it has helped alot. Now you enjoy car rides at night and I have something to entertain you while I cook, which isn't often, hehe!!!

Happy Boy!

  • You are eating 4-5 7 ounce bottles a day and I am starting to work baby food in for bkfast, lunch, and dinner. We are starting slow with it!
  • You can hold your bottle now like a pro and we are working on using a sippy cup! I put some water in a straw and gave you some and you thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  • You are sleeping from 7 pm to 6 or 7 am, unless you are feeling bad or teething.
  • You take two naps a day, one in the morning usually an hour and one in the evening usually and hour and a half.
  • We find out your stats next week at the doctor, but you are in 18 mos. pjs, 12-18 mos clothes (some 9 mos. clothes depending on the brand) and wearing 12-24 mos. socks.
  • You are in size 5 diapers.
  • Still no teeth, but lots of teething!!!
  • You have gone to the church nursery a few times and you seem to like it.
  • You LOVE animals and just light up whenever you see a dog, even BIG ones!!
  • You are going from laying down to sitting up all of the time and you use this technique to get you wherever you need to go, crawling is coming very soon! Watch out momma!!!
"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So far so good and YUM ck fingers!

I guess I just needed a bit of a confidence boost and needed to trust my instincts. So far today things have gone good. Noah woke up at 6:30 and played in his crib til 7 am. Then we got up and he took his bottle. He played while I washed dishes. Around 8:30 I fed him some applesauce and let him practice with his sippy cup of water. He ate like a champ and loved chewing on his sippy cup, hehe!! I only fed him half a jar b/c we are just starting out and I don't want to overfeed him.

I waited a bit longer on naptime and waited on him to get fussy. He did a little after 9 am so I went to rock him to sleep. He fought me like crazy so I gave him a kiss and put him in his crib. He played a bit and when I cked on him he looked super sleepy and I knew he was about to fall asleep sitting up so I grabbed him and rocked him again and this time no fighting, yay!! He went to sleep and is still asleep right now! He's been asleep an hour. I am sure he will wake up soon and I will give him a bottle then wait an hour and a half or so and feed him some more baby food.

Since I felt so pumped about how great things were going this morning I decided to hit the eliptical. It kicked my butt!! I only did 10 minutes. Of course after a few minutes I stretched and then got back on for the remainder of the time. My legs were burning good :D Then I worked my arms and abs a bit. Nothing too much b/c I am soooo out of shape!! I really think the only thing that kept me going was my Ms. Spears :D Yep, I love to wkout to Britney! Her songs make me push myself.

Oh and I cked my blood sugar yesterday after taking 1/2 of the 850 mg of metformin. It was 94, then I ate and later it was 98. I decided to take it again this morning and it was 89. I am thinking that when I took it before I took it in the evening. So I am going to try that tonight and ck my sugar again tomorrow. I feel comfortable doing this tonight b/c Todd is off and will be off tomorrow as well. So he will be around if my sugar gets too low. I really do want to find another OBGYN that is willing to do some testing and not rely on another's doctor's dx. Anyone know a great doctor near the ATL area??? Well, those are my tidbits this morning, here's to hoping the rest of the day is as good as this morning!!!!

Can't wait to eat at my momma and daddy's this evening!! Momma is cooking ck tenders, YUM!!! I am sooo excited about those stinking ck fingers!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dilemmas!!! Need advice!!

I know that I should go to all the books I have and get some answers, but I would rather talk to other mommas and get advice. Maybe that makes me lazy! Or super smart?? Or maybe just a little bit of both, hehe!!

I sometimes feel like I am clueless!! I had this run of time where Noah was napping like a champ and we had his feeding schedule down solid! Then we went to NC and now I feel like I am lost. I feel like I skipped a beat and cannot get back on track! I find myself second guessing all of my actions and it is getting on my nerves!!

Noah has been fighting his naps! He was doing awesome when I rocked him....then he started to fight it so I would put him in his crib and let him fuss it out for a few minutes...usuallly he would go right to sleep after a little bit of fussing. Well, now he can sit up in his crib and plays and plays and plays!!!! No naps!! Well, today he did fall asleep sitting up. Poor thing was bent over and he had to be uncomfortable so I went in and moved him and of course within a few minutes he was up!

So here is what I am second guessing myself on and would love your input! If Noah is sleeping 11 hours at night is it wrong for me to get him to nap twice a day??? Since he is sleeping so well at night should I just thank my lucky stars and only do one nap a day?? And how the heck can he soothe himself to sleep if he keeps sitting up???

Next dilemma.....eating!! As you saw in a previous video Noah is doing great eating baby food now! But I feel like I am again second guessing myself. I think he is ready to start eating baby food for bkfast and possibly lunch (he already eats it for supper). However, I am not quite sure how to transition him from his bottle in the morning to baby food. My child LOVES his bottle in the morning like it is his cup of coffee. Should I just give him 4 oz as opposed to 7 and then feed him baby food?? Or should I do the baby food first then the bottle???? And how much should he eat for bkfast?? He is eating a half "jar" of fruit (plastic container thingie) and a whole container of veggies! The fruit container is the larger size and the veggie one is the smaller one.

Last dilemma (for now) Sippy cup introduction! I have given Noah a sippy cup. I think it is the Nub brand. Or something like that, right now I am tired and not sure. He really just teeths on it. Any suggestions on sippy cups that don't leak and have worked for your babes?? How did y'all do the transition? Did you just start using the sippy cup instead of the bottle...slowly...cold turkey???? Or did you wait til you could give your babe whole milk to start the sippy cup?

Thanks for listening to my crazy self!!! And I really really appreciate any advice!!!! I am trying to work on stopping second guessing myself and trusting my instincts more!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Noah :D 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reminded that I am NOT in control!!!!

"It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word. Though we are screaming inside, oh we can't be heard."
-Sarah Mclaughlin

Earlier today I had an appointment with the OBGYN. I knew that I needed to do my yearly ck up and was ready to get it over with!!! I was hoping to get more answers about my IF (infertility). I was secretly hoping that being pg with Noah somehow cured me. I was also secretly hoping that I would be pg. I know, I know...crazy!!! It is not like we are TTC but I think I will always hope for that!! Please bare with me as I go through the day and all of my emotions.

There I was sitting in the office and NOT pregnant. It had been a while since I had let myself go know where. There sat two gorgeous rather pregnant ladies and I relished in listening to them talk about contractions and even disgusting things..hehe!!! I wondered if I would ever be pg again, then I wondered if I was pg. For those of you that don't know how it get taken back to tinkle in a cup. Yeah loads of fun!!! Then you go and weigh yourself, even more fun. Then while you sit maybe a foot away from your cup of tinkle your stomach knots up and your palms go all sweaty while the nurse does the pregnancy test. It takes forever b/c she does your blood pressure, cks your iron, and asks you tons of questions. All the while you literally hear time slowing down and your hear racing out of your chest. You actually have a complete monologue with yourself about how you shouldn't get your hopes up, then you get your hopes up, then you tell yourself to stop!! Then the nurse walks over and says everything is normal, but I will give the pg test a bit longer. That is code for IT IS A BIG FAT NEGATIVE (BFN).

It was then that it all started rushing back to me. I couldn't believe I had pushed the pain that far away and now here it was bubbling up and I could feel the tears start to come. I held it in and told myself to chin up and breath. I talked to my doctor about my history and asked if she thought I could get some more bloodwork done to ck my FSH and LH levels. She said that since I was already dx with PCOS that it would be a waste of time. Then I asked her if it was true that once you have been pg then would that mean it would be easier to get pg the second time (or fourth, if you count my sweet lil bits and I DO!!). Well, she basically took out a big ole needle an popped my balloon by telling me that if I had to do IVF before that the chances of me having to do IVF again were really high.

Then the pain rushed up again and I could not hold back the tears!! My mind was full of thoughts and I became afraid. It was then that I remembered that I am infertile!! I began to hate my body for not working right and blaming myself for not being able to give Noah a sibling or give Todd another child.

It is amazing how you go through so many emotions, b/c then I got mad!!!! I wanted to tell that doctor she was wrong and that I would show her!!!!

Then I felt very stupid for even believing that I could have been pregnant.

Then I felt even more stupid for feeling sad because I had this amazing, beautiful, sweet, brilliant, chubby cheeked little miracle waiting for me at home. How could I be so selfish to want more? But a really great friend reminded me that it was okay to be sad about this.

I don't think you ever get over all of the pain that comes from infertility. Not even having a child takes it all away. It sure does help a whole lot, but you still remember and feel the pain. Now I am picking myself up!! I am gonna grab that chubby cheeked boy and put him on my momma hip and leave it all up to GOD!! I am letting go and letting God. And I am asking everyone to please keep my sisters in IF in your prayers. Pray for my sweet IF sisters that are in the midst of the horrible rollercoaster of IF. Pray for them to have hope and peace and a sweet chubby cheeked babe of their own!!! I am sending my love to all of you!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Handsome, Sweet, and Smart Noah

I maybe bias, but my Noah Bear sure is handsome!! And super sweet and smart too!! He is holding his FAVORITE toy. He loves playing and putting the shapes in the box. He makes my heart just overflow with JOY!!!!

*oh and can you tell what Todd got me  for Valentine's Day from the awesome picture quality??**

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snapping out of it and Noah eating video!

First I have to say **THANK YOU** Miss Mac and Nichole for your sweet encouraging words during my pity party!! I guess we all have them every now and again! And it is our sweet friends and loved ones who can snap us out of it! So thank y'all for helping me snap out of it!!!

And of course, this sweet little boy helps too!!!! I cannot believe he is FINALLY eating baby food! I have been working with him since he was 4 mos. old!!! YEP four almost five months of practice makes perfect. Now he opens his mouth and eats!!! YAY NOAH!!!! Check out my good eater!!! I am so proud of my Noah bear!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pity Party for ONE!

I am having a little pity party..wanna join??

Do y'all ever feel like you are being ignored by EVERYONE?? I know that this is NOT the case but I really feel kinda left behind at the moment! And it is with no one person in particular, I just feel like maybe I am just the type of person that can be forgotten really easily!!

Well, oh bother!!! As Eeyore would say!! I am feeling rather sorry for myself!

Hopefully, this will wear off soon!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun Visit!!

We got a visit from this little cutie and his mommy :D Say Hi to Robert Austin!!

Noah loved playing with RA!

Noah watched RA crawl and walk and I think Noah was intrigued!!!

 Here are a few pictures of RA's Mommy, Jess! She is the on on the far right! I went to grad school with these two girls! Lori and Jess!! I love them soo much!!! This is from my shower last year!

Lori, Jess, and I at Jess' wedding shower a few years ago!!

Us three at one of our many study sessions! You can see we were studying hard, hehe! Man how time flies!!!!

We had so much fun visiting with Jess and RA! Now I just need to get my Lobo over here and I will be complete!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tell a story in pictures!

All ready to go to NC!! Noah is already reaching out to me and hoping I will rescue him from the carseat..and yes I am sticking my tongue out. Noah has rubbed off on me :D

 We had to stop and get some grub and with a baby you don't want to get out if he is napping! So we just called Papa Johns and ordered some yummy pizza! I could have eaten it all :D I think Todd liked it too..hehe

It was yummy but greasy!!! My hubby is so cute and so gonna get me for posting this pic :D

See we devoured it!!!!

 Our lifesaver the dvd player!! Todd's parents let us borrow it and I am so thankful!! Noah loved watching Baby E!!

 Me doing some serious driving!!

Noah watching Baby E in the dark! Usually he screams in his carseat at night, but he was a happy boy!!!!

My view of Noah!

Noah's view of me...sorry Noah :D 

 Eating at Mommy's fav. place (and Daddy's too) HARDEES!!!

I have an amazing hubby! He is always an active daddy! Here he is feeding Noah some applesauce. Oh yes Noah is doing better at eating..gotta post about that!!!

 Aunt Ali teaching Noah how to do the I LOVE YOU sign!! He loves his auntie!!!

Aunt Ali feeding Noah and giving Mommy and Daddy a break, whew!!!

 I LOVE my sis in law, she is awesome and gorgeous!!!!


 Getting all dried off by daddy :D

The next morning we got up early and drove home. Overall Noah did great. He did get up more but it was expected since he was in a new place and he was all off schedule. He is such a good lil baby!!! Now he has been to TN, SC, and NC!! YAY for my lil traveler!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Noah found something new!!!

Before I post about our trip and our guests I just had to post about Noah and his new friend, his tongue!! :D He just started sticking it out one day and it just cracks me up!  

He sticks it out while he is playing......(this is what we wear on our heads when the heat is out downstairs..burr)

While he is playing with Maggie....(He loves to give Maggie his toys)

He sticks it out at Mommy :D

Or while he is thinking about throwing his ball!! (serious concentration)

And of course he sticks it out at himself in the mirror after a nice warm bath :D
It is amazing and such a blessing to get to watch Noah learn and discover new things! His personality is blossoming and it is so darn cute!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Tired!!

It seems like forever since I posted! I have written several posts in my head but haven't had time to actually write them out. We were out of town this past wkend and then one of my friends and her son came and visited us for a few days! I am tired, but it is a good tired! Just like the Akins song Good Tired!  The song is about Jesus and even about their neighbor (Truett Cathy, u might have heard of more ck).Y'all really need to ck it out!!!

Good Tired

I tried to get the lyrics and even a video to share, but I only found this way to share it! I hope it works and I hope you click on it and listen!!! They are awesome!!! And they are from GA :D YAY!!! They came to our church a while back and I swear I could just listen to their music all day long!!! Hopefully I can post with details soon, but this GA girl needs to hit the sack!!!!!