Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tummy troubles

Last night was horrible!!! Noah went down around 8 pm and ate 8 oz before bed. Then he got up crying at 10:30 and ate 7 oz...then got up again screaming at 11!! I changed his diaper and tried to rock him back to sleep but he wanted another bottle. Thankfully, Todd came in with one and he took 5 oz. I am thinking his tummy was  hurting and his soother is a bottle. Plus he is teething!! I just didn't know what to do lastnight b/c even after we put him back down at 11 he got up and cried off and on all night. I am guessing he finally went to sleep b/c I woke up this morning with the video monitor under my pillow where I had been watching him and must have fell asleep.

I feel so sorry for my little bear!!! The past few days we started rice cereal again mixed with applesauce, so I am wondering if that hurt his tummy too?? I am sure a combo of teething and new food was what did it. But I was so confused b/c I wasn't sure if I should just let him cry it out or go and get him. I just went with my gut and I knew something was wrong. I am hoping he will feel better soon, but he has been "teething" forever and there is still NO tooth in site!!

Noah Bear I hope you feel better and sleep better tonight so Mommy can be sane tomorrow :D Love You sweet boy!!!!


shauna said...

Have you tried giving him anything for the pain? At Target they have these teething tabs that disintegrate in their mouth (they are all natural) so if he's not teething they won't hurt him, but if he is teething they will help. Teething is sad :(

Dana said...

Shauna, thanks girl! I have been giving him tylenol but we just got some ibuprofen since he is old enough to take it. I have used the teething tablets but need to get more. The ones we used were recalled and I never did go out and get more and I just forgot about them all together!! Teething is sad :( poor lil guys!!