Friday, January 21, 2011

my fasting experience

I am ready to talk about fasting. And I swear I am not trying to boast or anything like that!! Actually after you hear how I did you will know for sure there is nothing I can boast about! I found out I am a very weak person!!!! Let me give you the details before I get into it all.

Todd and I decided to fast starting Jan. 9...for 21 days. Well, I prayed about what I should fast and I felt like I needed to give up tv, internet, caffeine, and two meals a day (replaced with two healthy shakes). Now looking back I think I should have done baby steps and picked one thing.

At first the tv and internet thing was hard, but it was also kind of freeing too. I loved how when Todd was home from work we were either chatting, reading our bible, or doing family time. It was fun and I felt even more connected to the hubs than before. The first day of no tv was weird b/c I am used to it being the background noise in the house. I had the hardest time with the food stuff. I am a food addict!! I know that for sure now!!!! I really needed to start slow b/c you know how it is being a mommy!! It is hard work and I was shaking and starving by 10 am!!!

Even though giving up those things were hard, I am glad I did it b/c I really learned about the things I need to work on in my life. And it gave me a better understanding of fasting so now I know how to do it better next time. And it is amazing how when you start to do something like that for God the devil shows up and really works on you!! A few things have been going on with my life right now and the devil just used that stuff to tempt me!!! I wasn't perfect in my fast by any means!! But maybe that is exactly what I needed right now! Todd and I both ended up stopping too early, but we have continued to read our bible!! And I have never read it in it's entirety before so I am psyched! I am loving reading the Holman study version. It really makes more sense to me and I just can't seem to put it down.

So I would recommend fasting for God!! It really does put things into perspective b/c you can say all day that you put God first in your life, but take away your morning coffee or your favorite show and you realize that you weren't putting God first like you should!! I am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to learn about fasting. I found out alot on Jentezen Franklins site. Check it out!!

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