Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If there is one thing that I want Noah to inherit from me it would passion, motivation, drive!!! Yeah I am sure that anyone that knows me IRL would be like what passion, what drive?? haha!! So I guess the better term would be heart!! I want him to have my heart!! My compassion, empathy, etc.!!

And I am not one to EVER pat myself on the back! There is always a first time, right? I want Noah to love his family the way I love my family! You know unconditionally, totally radical, incredibly dysfunctional, and all the way to the moon and back little nutbrown hair!! I want him to get so caught up in an idea that he just goes a million miles an hour til it is carried out! Like when I can't find something and I literally go through the entire house til I find it! I want him to see people and immediately know what it is they need or are missing in life and then go out and try to give it to them! I want him to daydream about being a superhero and saving the day and then be able to look at his "normal" life and totally be amazed at how happy he is being "normal".

So yes I want it all and then some for my sweet Noah bear!! BTW I am back online, apparently I am weak when it comes to wordly things, but I am excited to say that I am reading my Bible and loving it!! I think taking a break was good and it put things into perspective!! What really counts!!!!!!


Miss Mac said...

Sweet words. I'm sure he'll learn by example. :] I've started reading scripture by getting it through e-mail so that technology becomes a tool in my spiritual walk...always a work in progress but God knows our heart! I love the pic of Noah & Maggie. Happy for you!

Amber said...

so glad to have you back:)