Wednesday, January 19, 2011

B A N G S!!!!!

I have always wanted to do crazy things with my hair but haven't been brave enough to actually do it. Well, I decided why the heck not!!!! So I got the bangs I have been wanting since forever!! I know getting bangs isn't exactly crazy but it is for me!! I am not the biggest fan of my new look, but who the heck cares it is will grow back!!!!

This last picture is when I took Noah to church for the first time all by MYSELF!!!! Todd has to work every other Sunday so I got up and we went! I was a nervous wreck!!! Noah did great in the nursery, but I had sweaty palms all throughout the service. Hopefully the nerves will go away after a few times going at it alone.

So neways, I just had to share my new Brenda 90210 bangin bangs with y'all!! I am thinking of growing them back out..haha!! I also have really wanted to go really short with my hair but after this cut I am thinking long is better on my chunky cheeky face!!

It is great to be baaaackkk!!!!!!


shauna said...

I like the bangs. I really want to cut my hair, I'll probably do it in a few weeks when it is just way too hot around here :) BTW- Noah is getting so big!!!

Angelwingsbaby said...

Your hair looks cute! It is always nice to have a change.There is an award for you on my blog! -Megan