Thursday, January 27, 2011

Almost wordless wednesday

Not only do I have horrible bangs that I elected to get cut, but I also have these new baby bangs growing. They are even shorter than my recently cut bangs and I can't do anything with my hair! Even when I pull it back it sticks up. Oh well, the baby bangs are well worth it so I can snuggle with Noah Bear. 


kate said...

I have the "baby bangs", too. My hairdresser said you can take an old toothbrush and spray it with a little hairspray and brush them in with the rest of your hair and it will keep them from sticking up too much. I haven't tried it yet, 'cos I don't really care too much right now, I guess (and I keep forgetting to get hairspray at Target...)!

Oh, and I used to have puffy bumpers on the crib where the boys sometimes nap, and took them out when they started pushing around. Now, I think I'd feel comfortable putting it back in, except that one baby is already pulling himself up on the sides of the crib, and I *know* he'd just use it as a foot rest for climbing out!

Angelwingsbaby said...

I just wanted to comment on your previous post.We too have the breatable bumpers (in white) and love them we have been using them for over 9 months anf have found no draw backs so far.I do have 2 sets so I can wash them.They have been very handy in keeping Nanners binky from falling out of the crib at night and at nap etc too.Not sure if you have washed them yet but gentle cycle,in a delicates bag(s) with the velcro strips all closed is best.Then hang to dry. I wash them alone as they are fuzz ball magnets and will never look as nice again if washed with cottons, towels etc. Plus zippers and buttons will snag them. I hope this isn't info overload. :-) -Megan

Amber said...

LOL! I had those, too! Drake will be one next week (gasp!) and they still haven't grown out!