Thursday, January 27, 2011

Almost wordless wednesday

Not only do I have horrible bangs that I elected to get cut, but I also have these new baby bangs growing. They are even shorter than my recently cut bangs and I can't do anything with my hair! Even when I pull it back it sticks up. Oh well, the baby bangs are well worth it so I can snuggle with Noah Bear. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When we moved Noah into his crib a while back I changed out the bumpers from the ones in the picture above to one like this one pictured below.......

I like that they are breathable, but now Noah is fully capable of turning over and even sitting up by himself in the crib. So my worries of him getting stuck in the corner and smoothering are over. Noah tends to end up with his head right beside the crib and these bumpers aren't the I was thinking of putting the old ones back in so he has something comfy to put his head up against. Right now I just got some blankets my momma made and rolled them up and put them on the sides like a mini bumper, but he ends up grabbing them and playing with them. Well, in the am that could be a good thing :D

So I was just wondering if anyone still has the comfy bumpers and if you do how in the world do you change the sheets without taking them off???

Tummy troubles

Last night was horrible!!! Noah went down around 8 pm and ate 8 oz before bed. Then he got up crying at 10:30 and ate 7 oz...then got up again screaming at 11!! I changed his diaper and tried to rock him back to sleep but he wanted another bottle. Thankfully, Todd came in with one and he took 5 oz. I am thinking his tummy was  hurting and his soother is a bottle. Plus he is teething!! I just didn't know what to do lastnight b/c even after we put him back down at 11 he got up and cried off and on all night. I am guessing he finally went to sleep b/c I woke up this morning with the video monitor under my pillow where I had been watching him and must have fell asleep.

I feel so sorry for my little bear!!! The past few days we started rice cereal again mixed with applesauce, so I am wondering if that hurt his tummy too?? I am sure a combo of teething and new food was what did it. But I was so confused b/c I wasn't sure if I should just let him cry it out or go and get him. I just went with my gut and I knew something was wrong. I am hoping he will feel better soon, but he has been "teething" forever and there is still NO tooth in site!!

Noah Bear I hope you feel better and sleep better tonight so Mommy can be sane tomorrow :D Love You sweet boy!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When I was pg my hair grew like crazy!! And I usually have tons come out because I have super dooper thick hair, but during pregnancy NONE came out!!!! I mean I could fill a brush with hair in like 2 days!!! FOR SERIOUS!!! Neways now my hair WILL NOT grow!!! What is up???? I am still taking my PNV but I am guessing that is just what happens after pregnancy.

And we all know I need these bangs to grow out!! I am looking horrible!!!
Case in point

                               Brenda from 90210 called and wants her bangs back...haha!!!!

I have never had this problem of growing my hair!! It usually grows and sheds like crazy, not it is just shedding and NOT growing!! I am going to have to research what I can eat or use to help!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Before and After!! Gotta lose it!!!!


I have been obsessing   thinking about my weight!!! I really had this dream that I would magically be my pre pg wt by now...yeah without all the effort. I am crazy!!!! I was so good before pg and was down to 126 lbs!! Then while I was pg I let the monster out of the cage and ate fried ck and chocolate like every day!! Now here I sit at my IF wt of 156 lbs!!! BOOOO!!!! So I decided that I am just going to have to kick it in high gear and get this wt off! I really want to feel good about myself during the summer during all the pool time with Noah. I love the water and so does he so I know every chance I get I will wanna get him in the pool and I do NOT want to be worrying about my body. I want to just have F U N!!!!

So here is my plan b/c apparently I didn't blog about my diet before and now am wishing I did with extra details b/c I really don't remember what the heck I did!!! UGG!! I grabbed an old notebook and started writing down the calories/carbs. I know that this will put things into perspective for me. Now I just need to figure out how to calculate how many carbs/calories I need. I had that calculation when I was first dx with PCOS but can't find it. Anyone know???? I am going to have to just eat healthier!!!

Then comes in the workouts! Before I took a grp power class and had tons of eliptical time!! I am thinking I can swing going to power two times a week and doing the eliptical from home the other days. Now looking back I can't believe I wasn't MRS. FITNESS before Noah because doing all of this now seems a bit harder!! But I do need this!!!

 This is my GOAL!!! Me 10 wks preggers!!!

This is me now!!!!  :D 

Wish me LUCK!!! Heck I need more than luck I need lots and lots of prayers!!!! Anyone else wanna join me?? It helps when there is a buddy to help you along the way :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

chick-fil-a cow crawl :D

Noah is not crawling just yet, but he sure is trying! He is doing lots of push ups and leg lifts and soon I am sure he will put them together and start crawling. Although I am not sure I am even ready for that!!!!

Silent Sunday

Yummy prunes make a nice baby beard  and stash :D 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Noah video :D

I finally uploaded the video from a previous post. I ended up using YouTube b/c blogger is horrible at loading videos! Neways, it is a long video but near the end Noah reaches up at me and says momma!! Had to share!! I just love my Noah bear!!!
Enjoy (I think if you go to 3:75 min. into it you can see it)

Friday, January 21, 2011

my fasting experience

I am ready to talk about fasting. And I swear I am not trying to boast or anything like that!! Actually after you hear how I did you will know for sure there is nothing I can boast about! I found out I am a very weak person!!!! Let me give you the details before I get into it all.

Todd and I decided to fast starting Jan. 9...for 21 days. Well, I prayed about what I should fast and I felt like I needed to give up tv, internet, caffeine, and two meals a day (replaced with two healthy shakes). Now looking back I think I should have done baby steps and picked one thing.

At first the tv and internet thing was hard, but it was also kind of freeing too. I loved how when Todd was home from work we were either chatting, reading our bible, or doing family time. It was fun and I felt even more connected to the hubs than before. The first day of no tv was weird b/c I am used to it being the background noise in the house. I had the hardest time with the food stuff. I am a food addict!! I know that for sure now!!!! I really needed to start slow b/c you know how it is being a mommy!! It is hard work and I was shaking and starving by 10 am!!!

Even though giving up those things were hard, I am glad I did it b/c I really learned about the things I need to work on in my life. And it gave me a better understanding of fasting so now I know how to do it better next time. And it is amazing how when you start to do something like that for God the devil shows up and really works on you!! A few things have been going on with my life right now and the devil just used that stuff to tempt me!!! I wasn't perfect in my fast by any means!! But maybe that is exactly what I needed right now! Todd and I both ended up stopping too early, but we have continued to read our bible!! And I have never read it in it's entirety before so I am psyched! I am loving reading the Holman study version. It really makes more sense to me and I just can't seem to put it down.

So I would recommend fasting for God!! It really does put things into perspective b/c you can say all day that you put God first in your life, but take away your morning coffee or your favorite show and you realize that you weren't putting God first like you should!! I am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to learn about fasting. I found out alot on Jentezen Franklins site. Check it out!!

Sweetest Laugh Ever!!!

Fun with daddy while out to eat!!! I love hearing his laughter!!!!
Thank You Lord!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

B A N G S!!!!!

I have always wanted to do crazy things with my hair but haven't been brave enough to actually do it. Well, I decided why the heck not!!!! So I got the bangs I have been wanting since forever!! I know getting bangs isn't exactly crazy but it is for me!! I am not the biggest fan of my new look, but who the heck cares it is will grow back!!!!

This last picture is when I took Noah to church for the first time all by MYSELF!!!! Todd has to work every other Sunday so I got up and we went! I was a nervous wreck!!! Noah did great in the nursery, but I had sweaty palms all throughout the service. Hopefully the nerves will go away after a few times going at it alone.

So neways, I just had to share my new Brenda 90210 bangin bangs with y'all!! I am thinking of growing them back out..haha!! I also have really wanted to go really short with my hair but after this cut I am thinking long is better on my chunky cheeky face!!

It is great to be baaaackkk!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If there is one thing that I want Noah to inherit from me it would passion, motivation, drive!!! Yeah I am sure that anyone that knows me IRL would be like what passion, what drive?? haha!! So I guess the better term would be heart!! I want him to have my heart!! My compassion, empathy, etc.!!

And I am not one to EVER pat myself on the back! There is always a first time, right? I want Noah to love his family the way I love my family! You know unconditionally, totally radical, incredibly dysfunctional, and all the way to the moon and back little nutbrown hair!! I want him to get so caught up in an idea that he just goes a million miles an hour til it is carried out! Like when I can't find something and I literally go through the entire house til I find it! I want him to see people and immediately know what it is they need or are missing in life and then go out and try to give it to them! I want him to daydream about being a superhero and saving the day and then be able to look at his "normal" life and totally be amazed at how happy he is being "normal".

So yes I want it all and then some for my sweet Noah bear!! BTW I am back online, apparently I am weak when it comes to wordly things, but I am excited to say that I am reading my Bible and loving it!! I think taking a break was good and it put things into perspective!! What really counts!!!!!!

My first child :D

Poor Maggie May!! She has had a hard time adjusting to the lack of attention she has not been getting! But I am working really hard to let her know that she is still special to us! She was with us through some hard times and she really is our first "child"!
 She has always been there to cuddle with me when I got a BFN or let me dress her up and take pictures of her when I was feeling low!! She is a sweetheart! She is a bit skeptical of Noah, so we are working on her not being so afraid of him. I usually get Maggies toy and let Noah hold it and then Maggie plays tug of war with him all the while he is giggling! I have a video but need to upload it, it is soo cute!!

She is doing better on the accidents!! So she is definately a KEEPER!!! Love me some Maggie!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

8 Months Old!!

Wishing my boy a very Happy 8 months!!! I will post pics and stats when I get back online! I feel so very blessed to have you Noah bear!!!! You are such a joy and you really do make life better. Everything is better with you here!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

We go together like peas and carrots!!!

Rudolph droopy frosting red nose :D  

"Whomp there it is"

I love to be silly with Todd and here as of lately Noah has given us time to be silly again! He has been sleeping through the night so we have time to goof off and catch up on our day to day. Todd is my bestie!!! And trust me we are really funny!! Like SNL funny!!! Well atleast we think so :D

Happy Friday to y'all!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011