Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend Fun!!!

We have had a busy wkend and it isn't even over yet!! I went over to my sissy's house friday night to help her decorate for Carley's birthday party! Todd kept Noah and they had some guy bonding time!! It was a Christmas theme so we had lots of fun decorating and just chatting!! I think everything turned out really cute. Here is a pic of Carley (bday girl) with her arms around her lil sis and you can see some of the decor!! Cute, right!!!!

sweet sisters
 We had Carley's birthday party today and had lots of fun playing and eating tons of m & m's. My FAV!!!
Carley was loving on Noah so much! She is such a lil momma :D

Then we headed to church for dinner and then we were the show!!!
Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus

We were honored to be asked to play Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus at church!! Thankfully all we had to do was just sit there while someone read. And I was nervous about that!! I was scared to look up. I am just not meant for the stage..haha!! But I was so proud to get to portray such a special mommy! Noah did great he just talked a bit and made ppl laugh and then tugged on my scarf and almost pulled it off. What a great memory to have!!! And btw I am loving Mary's outfit! Why can't we just wear that nowadays?? I would feel so comfortable and not so stressed to lose wt and be skinny minnie!!!

Tomorrow is filled with church and family time!! And I am hoping some naps!! Here is a cute pic of Noah in his "hee haws" what we call overalls down here in the south!


shauna said...

Love the pics. Isn't it great when our big boys want to spend time with our little boys? I love daddy and son bonding time :)

kate said...

There's just not much cuter than a baby boy in overalls! Great photo!

Melissa said...

LOVE Noahs cubby cheeks....very kissable huh?

Love the picture from your church also.