Wednesday, December 1, 2010

this and that

Noah had his 6 month appt. and 6 month pictures yesterday! It was a full day!! And it rained all over us :D I was shocked that Noah did NOT smile much at his photo session. I think he was still sleepy and teething something terrible or maybe he went for the more serious look..hehe!! After making silly noises and jumping around trying to get him to smile we headed to the doctor. Poor lil guy got 4 shots!! I know they are necessary but it is still hard to see him in pain!! I couldn't get my hands on him fast enough after his shots. I had to just love on him sooo much.

Noah is now weighing 20lb 7 oz and is 28 1/4 in. long!! He is a BIG boy!! The dr. said he was super healthy! And of course Noah gave the dr. plenty of smiles :D Go figure!!! We just love our doctor b/c he gives Noah a kiss on the head before he sweet!!!

He did great with the shots, except today one place is a bit swollen and pink. I was told to massage it. I did a few times but not too hard! I can imagine it is very sensitive. And I was in shock this morning b/c Noah took a 2 1/2 hour nap!!!! I kept checking the monitor and he would move so I was okay, but this child NEVER sleeps that long!! I guess he did have a rough day yesterday!!

Other than that we are still working on eating solids. Noah will NOT open his mouth! So I try to get him to smile and sometimes that works and sometimes I give him the spoon with food on it and he puts it in his mouth and I start clapping and saying YAYYYY NOAH!!! I am hoping he gets the hint that it is a good thing to eat his food :D Tonight we tried green beans and he seemed to not dislike them. He tried applesauce the other day ( I had to try it ) and he did a whole body shake. I guess it was bitter?? I tried it and it was tasty!! So now he gets green beans for the next few days and then I plan on doing squash. I think after that he will be done with all the veggies. Then onto the fruits!!!

We just got our Christmas cards in the mail from shutterfly!! LOOOOVE them!!! I need to go and finish writing addresses!! Does anyone have any ideas on how to make address labels that are cute?? I have an OLD program that makes them but it has OLD pictures. I just want to put a big L on there or maybe some polka dots as the background. Any suggestions???
Hope everyone is having a gr8 week so far!!! Love y'all!!!

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