Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playtime with Maggie

Maggie is not too sure of Noah, but he just adores her! Everytime he sees her he smiles! So one day he grabbed one of her toys and she actually came up to him to get it and he started laughing. She is very gentle when she gets it and I am hoping this playtime will make her see that Noah isn't so bad :D Here is a video of them playing tug of war. Please excuse me and my southern self!! hehe

And I just realized that I won't be offline until January 9th that is when the fasting starts. Whoopsy! I was thinking we were starting on the 1st. So yay more time online :D hehe!!


Melissa said...

Thats to cute!

shauna said...

Love the movie and the Christmas pictures!!! Noah is so sweet, I just want to squeeze him :)

momof5girls said...

Oh, I just love this little video! Thank you for posting it. I love to hear your voice and Noah's squeals and laughs! They will definitely grow together and be good friends the older he gets. One of our young friends who grew up with Shauna and Amber just posted a short video of her youngest son too and I love to hear their little voices. God bless you all! Love, Arlene