Tuesday, December 21, 2010

mowhawk noah :D

We got a few shots of his new cool do!! But I am not liking my camera right now so most of them were either blurry or too dark. We are saving up for a really good camera and I am still doing research to figure out which one I want.

Here is a shot from the top! Noah is playing with his presents from our Cousin Christmas Party! He was so happy and he knew they were new toys!!!

Mommy and Noah reading a new book, a view of the do from the side :D

I just love my Noah Bear!!! A view of my handsome boy from the front :D 

He was such a good lil boy! He just played with his cousins and chilled!! Super cool dude!!

Daddy and Noah!! See my camera takes bad pictures!!! They are all blurry and dark!! 

We had a great time with our family for Noah's first Christmas!! Next up will be Christmas with the FAMILY!! Super excited!!!!

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