Friday, December 31, 2010

Clarification and a video!

I am so new to this whole fasting thing and so I am really trying to figure out what it means to fast. I know it means no food, but I thought to myself surely ppl don't do that for 21 days?? But they do!!! Isn't that amazing!!!!! I was watching Jentzen Franklin (the one that has encouraged the 21 day fast) and he said for beginners to do a 3 day fast (liquids only), then do a "Daniel" fast for the rest of the 21 days. Which is no meat, no sweets, no bread! I can do that!!! I am also adding no tv or internet too for the full 21 days. And please don't think I am trying to get praise for this by posting this. I am just hoping to encourage others to try it out :D Plus I feel really dumb b/c before I had it all wrong. But you learn as you go, right?

So now that all of that is cleared up :D Here is a sweet video of my Noah bear! It is long, but worth it in the end when he holds out his arms and says momma :D If you want you can just fast forward to 3:45 minutes into it to see it!!! Enjoy!! TGIF!!!


Katie said...

I've done some fasts before...the daniel fast is a great one--my sister has done that one multiple times for 40 days at a time. I know people who have fasted (for church/spiritual reasons) with NO food other than water and some juice for over a month. Crazy. I was always told when you do a fast that its a private not to broadcast it. But for the purpose of educating other people I guess it seems okay to talk about. To each his own. Good luck in this journey hun!

Dana said...

First of alll whoops the video apparently didn't load. I will try again later!

Katie~ I know I read that we aren't suppose to broadcast it either but I am so new to this and learning as I go so I thought I would share with others that may be new to it as well. I know there is so much more to learn! Wow your sister is awesome for fasting that long!! That is amazing for serious!!! Thanks girly!!