Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve!!

Last year around the same time I was 19 wks pregnant and dreaming about how awesome Christmas would be with a sweet baby!!!

This was the BEST Christmas ever because we had the best gift, Noah bear!

I am going to be out of the blogging world for 21 days starting January 1st, so I am going to try and write some posts and set them to post later on so y'all don't forget about me :D Here is some of our Christmas fun!! On Christmas Eve Noah and I made Santa some brownies :D He is a great lil helper!!

                                                         He read me the directions..hehe

                                                 Then we opened up the bag of ingredients!

                                             He had his very own spoon to help me stir the brownies!

                                  Then we scooped them into the trays and sent them off to bake!

                                                        He was my best assistant chef ever :D

                   We went to church that evening (our new family tradition) and Noah tried to outpreach Uncle Jay, hehe! But it was great to really enjoy the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus' birth!

           After church we put the brownies on Noah's great grandmother's china and set out a cup of milk to go with it! Then Noah went to sleep so that Santa could come and visit!!!

More to come........

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momof5girls said...

21 days! What will we do without new pics and stories about Noah??? Just kidding, but you will be missed. He looks so awesome in the color red! It's amazing the difference a year makes, huh? He was just a cute little bump in front last year and he's an active, beautiful little boy this year! I know you had a wonderful time with him! God bless you all and pray you have a prosperous 2011. Love ya, Arlene