Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank y'all!!

I feel much better now that I have heard from y'all!! Sometimes I think when I start to get frustrated about all things baby my common sense goes right out the door. I am going to make a few changes with feeding Noah solids. I want to start doing an early afternoon feeding instead of trying to wait as late as possible. Then I read that doing a bottle first and then feeding solids is best. I am hoping to try to feed Noah his bottle then sit him at the dinner table with us to eat. I don't see this happening like a beautiful postcard, but I plan to try!!! And I am not going to fret if we don't do solids one night or two....or over how much he eats. It is good to know that right now it is all about getting him used to the textures and tastes and not really about him getting calories. Again thank y'all for the help!! I really appreciate it all!!!!

And you know how shutterfly is offering 50 cards for free to blogger?? Well, I have not gotten an e-mail from them after I sent in my info. So not sure if my blog is cool enough to get the promo. Oh well :D

Tomorrow my little baby will be 6 months old! I just can't believe we are already halfway to 1 year! Time is flying, but I am soaking in every second for sure!! As I rocked Noah lastnight I thanked God for him. Noah was just laying on my shoulder and I could hear him breathing, poor thing STILL has a runny nose. It is the best feeling in the world!! I love him soooo much and it just keeps growing. I can't wait to post all about him tomorrow! I may just have to get a head start today so I can actually get the post up on time :D

Thanks again y'all for all the sweet words of encouragement and advice on feeding. I am so blessed to have such amazing blogger sistas!!

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The L's said...

I am a little late in responding, but just wanted to let you know that I felt very similar to you when my son was 6 months. He did not really like rice cereal or purees. Not sure why. He is almost 9 months now and eats everything in sight!!! He will eat a whole grilled cheese, all sorts of vegetables and fruits, avocado, waffles, you name it. I have trouble keeping enough food in the house for him! He was a slow starter, but now loves eating. I just kept with it and didn't really force it and eventually when he could eat finger foods, he was all over it!! Hang in there!